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PS3 will fail because it's not

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User Info: GM_

6 years ago#11
Itt: People only read topics and firs sentences before posting. Anyone that read the second paragraph would realize I dont actually think tablets will overthrow consoles.
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User Info: FullmetalNoob

6 years ago#12
Lulz iPads. The giant iPod Touch. If the PS3 were to lose to iPads, I blame the jail break fix >___>

Seriously, almost everyone around me try to get their iOS device jailbroken as soon as they get it. Not a great scape goat but I'll stick with it.
CrimsonGear80 posted
Oh, and eventually, no one is going to give a **** about this.

User Info: vu_comet

6 years ago#13
You didn't read my whole post then...

I said that I highly doubt that anything like that will happen.
Someday people will stop using 'fail' to describe things.
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User Info: usernamestuff

6 years ago#14
Seriously. People really need to learn how to read.

How bad were your teachers?

Anyway, LOL NO I do not see tablets/smartphones killing handhelds or consoles.

Anyone who can say that they feel that way, has to have been born with a half a brain.
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User Info: cow1578

6 years ago#15
People say mobile gaming will challenge consoles because in terms of risk to profits they are much more attractive to develop for. AAA titles are extremely expensive to make and many of them flop. Compare that to a simple game (like Angry Birds) that costs almost nothing to make, immediately turns a profit and runs on hardware everyone (even non gamers) own. If it flops the developer is out what? Ten grand? Compared to a 100 million dollar game (like GTA4) the risk is insignificant.

That is the argument. I don't know if I agree but it has some very valid points. As a business model cheap cell phone games are much more attractive to make.
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