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Which games have the worst controls?

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User Info: razorracer

6 years ago#21
The Lost Planet games. Using the L1 and R1 buttons to rotate is a terrible idea.
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User Info: ckielthy

6 years ago#22
Nothing will ever top Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness on ps2 for crappy controls

User Info: kill_distroy

6 years ago#23
anything which forces you to shoot with R2
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User Info: TiGHT_CTRLs

6 years ago#24
Gun Vallkyrie. No one should ever be forced to click on the analog sticks so much.

User Info: Valnor50

6 years ago#25
RE5, needless multiple button presses and you can't move while you have to press 5 different buttons to shoot or knife something.

User Info: chaocross

6 years ago#26
Uncharted 2 when you're not aiming a gun.
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User Info: mrmickfran

6 years ago#27
The first Devil May Cry.

Never play this right after finishing 3. Why is Triangle the jump button?
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User Info: nihilist212

6 years ago#28
you know what i hate more than awful controls? a game with really terrible camera angles.
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