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What is your dream game (that will never happen)?

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User Info: nuclearratchet

6 years ago#31
naughty dog gets crash bandicoots rights back and make Crash Bandicoot Returns.

User Info: Sega_Saturn09

6 years ago#32
Killer Instinct 3 and Power Stone 3
KILLER INSTINCT 3! Someday......

User Info: GodDogs

6 years ago#33
Legacy of Kain 6, where you play as Kain in a semi-open world done in a Metroid or Zelda type way (or more comparatively, Darksiders - basically getting new abilities and using them to find new secrets, etc) with a really exciting story that finally wraps up the series with no more open-cliffhanger ending.

I really miss this series. It's been 8 years. :(
It does not matter where we go. It is not the destination that is the journey.

User Info: Daggeraxe

6 years ago#34
A new Grandia game as good as 1 and 2.

A new Suikoden game as good as 2 and 5.

A main Super Robot Wars game in ENGLISH.

Any visual novels coming out in ENGLISH.

User Info: GnRfan1984

6 years ago#35
An open world game based on the TV show 24 that is done with the GTA IV engine.

That or a Terminator 2 third person game where you can play either as The Terminator trying to protect John Connor, or as the T-1000 trying to kill John Connor.

User Info: katamari_of_war

6 years ago#36
vu_comet posted...
Split/Second 2... Makes me sad thinking about it.

Why is this not going to happen? Sorry, I guess missed the news.

I want another Maximo game like Ghost to Glory but they killed the series after Army of Zen. A new Ghost'n Goblins game and a remake or sequel to Robot Alchemic Drive that fixes all the problems with the original.

User Info: Mr_Hakubi

6 years ago#37
Parasite Eve on PS3


User Info: Daggeraxe

6 years ago#38
A new turn based strategy Front Mission game.

A new Drum Mania/Guitar Freaks game for PS360.

A new Legend of Legaia game as good as the original.

A crossover between Samurai Showdown and The Last Blade.

A new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game with more characters from different arcs.

User Info: Jokeprince

6 years ago#39
Skies of Arcadia 2 or Remake

Legend of Dragoon 2 or Remake

Or Final Fantasy 7-2 or Remake.
Don't know what your problem is but I bet it's hard to pronounce.
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