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why does this board have a cult like following of demons souls????

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  3. why does this board have a cult like following of demons souls????

User Info: gamer6587

6 years ago#1
I remember during the ps2 era there was a cult like following of devil may cry, now that cult has shifted towards demons souls...I have the game but rarely play it, its no fun when you die alot

runs before people tell me, "well the game was easy for me, you must have inferior gaming skills"
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User Info: GM_

6 years ago#2
People that like it don't suck at it and complain on message boards. The game isn't as hard as what the media made it out to be. Gamers these days aren't used to having to figure out things on their own and DS has an oldschool difficulty that is only brutal until you memorize basic concepts like trap locations, enemy spawns, attack patterns, etc.

This is NESchool grade difficulty. Just like classic games like Ninja Gaiden you are rewarded by using memorization skills.
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User Info: temgun

6 years ago#3
I'm wondering the same thing. Sure, I liked the game, but the hype is just ridiculous.

I started the game expecting to see the hardest game ever and great gameplay. The gameplay is great and the atmosphere is awesome, but hard? Sure, for the first hours, but then it's like any other game. No, I didn't pick Royal, I picked just Knight.

User Info: antoinejones

6 years ago#4
yeah it was easy its called keep you shield up and wait for an enemy to attack then counter attack while hes recovering.. or roll then attack... its obvious youll get killed trying to start off the attack or trying to hack and slash like is dynasty warriors or zelda.. play and fight with patience and youll see how easy it indeed is..

but yeah i dont understand the following either.. while i platinumed the game and do like it I wouldnt call it a must buy, game or the year or score it higher than 7/10

and the people that do Im sure are only doing it because of the novelties in the game (i.e reading and leaving messages, getting healed if your messages are rated, being able to invade others games, being able to see other players white phantoms while they play and seeing bloodstains to give you hints at how someone died to warn you... thats why... because it surely inst because of the "breathtaking graphics" "exciting gameplay" and "stellar storyline" because if so then lololololol
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User Info: Chaingunmaster

6 years ago#5
Most cults involve demon souls somehow, deal with it. follow me and I'll follow you
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User Info: lubmelubyou

6 years ago#6
Demons Souls is only hard because it is so boring and slow. It is very hard to resist turning it off to play a better game.

People love to praise poor games, and hate to praise good games, it really is mind boggling.

User Info: Chaingunmaster

6 years ago#7
^Name one good game people love to hate. follow me and I'll follow you
PSN and XBL id: Alos88

User Info: Ricky_Rozay

6 years ago#8
Chaingunmaster posted...
^Name one good game people love to hate.

Call of Duty
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User Info: beezer08

6 years ago#9
I thought it was pretty good. Good gameplay overall with a few design flaws I'd like to see changed.
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User Info: Goradan_Freeman

6 years ago#10
boring and slow? lol. yea those boss fights were at a snails pace.
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  3. why does this board have a cult like following of demons souls????

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