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why does this board have a cult like following of demons souls????

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  3. why does this board have a cult like following of demons souls????

User Info: docholliday504

6 years ago#31
JimmyCosmos posted...
It starts out being a good game that lots of people enjoy, then it turns into a game where people spam the board with way over the top praise for the game to get people to react negatively to it, and then other people start posting questions as to why the game has a "cult like" following etc etc. The board is like a parasite feeding off itself in a perpetual circle of stupidity....

and I stay here because I kinda enjoy it! XD

This is one of the best posts ever.
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User Info: mmx2

6 years ago#32
meh, I played for awhile and it was fun at 1st but the crap got old quickly and I never felt like I couldn't complete the game just that it wasn't worth the grind with enough time and patience anyone could beat the story mode.

But the silly little things is what annoyed me like shifting modes from light to dark based on how bad or good the online community was doing that day which generally was bad since deaths counted as dark. Which pretty much meant it was stupid hard acquire some items if you didn't prepare for it at the start of the game and play in offline mode.

The online mode had potential, I really enjoyed the Co-Op when it worked but there really wasn't a real reward unless you were the one being helped, but the messages were useless the ghosts were kinda funny sometimes but still useless as well. The forced PVP was nothing but a griefers paradise. My 1st online encounter was some dude who's only goal was to destroy all your gear within seconds on low level players with all of his elite gear. Sure I had plenty of other match ups with people who weren't stupid but mostly it was griefers for me at least.

User Info: RollingCradle

6 years ago#33
It's an exclusive.

User Info: darkphoenix181

6 years ago#34
It is simple. These people are possessed.
Why else would they cult follow DEVIL may cry then DEMON souls?
Megaman Legends 3 :( NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

User Info: Battleship_Gray

6 years ago#35
RollingCradle posted...
It's an exclusive.

That explains the huge NIER fandom. Now Drawing: breakdancing robots
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User Info: integra84

6 years ago#36
No joke , I ain't joking. I don't joke. Are you f'ng hearing me duuuude?

I have died in Demon's Souls everytime I play it.
mi and mi sun are straight azzwoopahz

User Info: J-Fly

6 years ago#37
I played Demons Souls for about 15 minutes and was done. I'm not sure I'll ever give it another shot.
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User Info: TBiggz

6 years ago#38
It's a combination of two to three obsessive posters and fifty to sixty sarcastic and hyperbolic posters.

User Info: CaZbaR19

6 years ago#39
The boss battles just seem so epic.
It has PVP.
Co Op.
For those who like grinding. Max level is 712 and there are tons of items to obtain.
A persistent world where ya actions determine the difficulty.
Did i mention you can invade players realms?

Its basically a scaled down MMO for free.
Its a cult classic like Shadow of The Colossus and ICO.
Its just something different from constant stream of shooters
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User Info: jimi_dini

6 years ago#40
Jprime666 posted...
I've beaten DS a few times.
Most of the difficulty is an unfair one.

no it isn't.

If you die you lose half your health bar? Fine, every time I die, I'll hit the power button and restart.

"I've beaten DS a few times", but you also say that you would lose HALF OF YOUR HEALTH BAR IF YOU DIE?

Fact: You lose 1/4th, if you die in human form. And yeah, hit that power button. And hopefully your save will get destroyed. I really wish that they will fix such exploits in Dark Souls.

Most of the bosses are poorly done. If you don't know what you're doing then you have got a snowflakes chance in hell, but most of them are piss easy because they almost all have exploits.

So using Internetz to look for exploits and using them -> easy game?
MGS2 on extreme is also quite easy then.

Also I thought the difficulty would be unfair. Now it's easy? Make your mind up.

Online should be optional.

"I've beaten DS a few times" and you don't even know, that it's possible to play off-line. Are you flipping kidding us?

And saying that pausing would not be possible. FLIPPING SAVE OUR GAME. It's possible. ANYWHERE. You know, that's even better than pausing the game. That's even also possible, when being on-line. Although I'm not sure, if it's possible to do so, when you have gotten invaded.
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