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What if they made an online Deception game?

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User Info: servb0ts

6 years ago#11
I'm a Proud owner of All 4 Tecmo Deception games. I'd prefer co-op over mutliplayer versus because too many would rage quit.

I wish there was a Kagero Deception 5 for the PS3.

User Info: spectermaster14

6 years ago#12
That would actually be a great idea. Seems like it'd be a bit tough on whoever's setting the traps, though. Hard to lure someone into a booby trapped room with the cries of a wounded girl or what have you when they know you're trying to lure them to their doom. It's easy with AI, but a human player might be a bit too hard to get at in a game like this.

User Info: LGCulgan

6 years ago#13
As long as they lose that horrible Trapt name for the series I'd love to see another Deception entry. Co-op would be awesome.

I don't see MP working though. Too many rage quitters these days... and the matchmaking in games I play keeps making those... quitters host.

Pity games don't keep track of rage quits/disconnects in a way that would benifit non-quitters. Like matchmaking putting all the frequnt quitters together in the same rooms/lobbies or not making them host. That way real players could get on with enjoying the matches they are in and not worry about some poor loser quitting and ending a fun match early.
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  3. What if they made an online Deception game?

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