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Best Videogame Movies based off Fighting Games >>>>>

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User Info: shepardN72012

6 years ago#1
The best video game fighting movies

Mortal Kombat
King of Fighters

Mortal Kombat - Annilihation

We Need
Soul Calibur

That guy that done the latest Tekekn movie really nailed the look and feel of Tekken and I cant wait for the sequel.

The characters were dead on compared towards the games version from Nina, Anna, Chrisite Montero, then Yoshimistu and also Bryan Fury.

Those off were Jin and Hiashi Mishami.

The sequel needs Devil Jin we saw Jin tap into that a little in the movie + we saw his tatoo like he sports in the video game.

What would be awesome would be a live action Soul Calibur movie it could be done similar towards Tekken or they could make it like King of Fighters with Maggie Q.

It seems like these foriegn movie companies and little directors like the guy behind the latest Tekken movie can adapt these films better than hollywood can.

I mean that guy got Raven 100% dead on also Eddy Gordo was dead on also.

Why not get these guys to make a remake Mortal Kombat film.

They should have got these people to make a decent Street Fighter flick after the last disaster Legend of Chun Li which was god awful.

I will just stick with the animated movie of Street Fighter which is Street Fighter 2

Maybe these little guy directors can do other video game adaptations they seem to know what they are doing better than hollywood and especially Uwe Boll with BloodRayne.

I wonder if Uwe Boll actually ever played the BloodRayne games cause that is not how she is in the videogames.

User Info: Red Link

Red Link
6 years ago#2
We Need
Soul Calibur

That's the worst idea I've ever heard.

User Info: nonames4u

6 years ago#3
That DOA movie wasn't so bad, I mean it wasn't an epic blockbuster or anything but come on, it had a lot of decent fight scenes and was loaded with hot chicks throughout :p
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User Info: Nightmare966

6 years ago#4
Red Link posted...
We Need
Soul Calibur

That's the worst idea I've ever heard.

Unless it's done by Project Soul itself, a la Blood Vengeance.

BTW, delete Tekken off the list, put up Tekken: Blood Vengeance.
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User Info: Grizzle1981

6 years ago#5
shepardN72012 posted...

Mortal Kombat - Annilihation

I take it you've never see the Dead or Alive live action movie then?

Battle Arena Toshinden was alright ... Fatal Fury was awesome (especially the second movie where they collect the armor pieces). Street Fighter (Van Dam) was pretty bad. So was Chunli's movie. However Street Fighter II The Animated Movie is still the best movie ... with Mortal Kombat in close second.
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User Info: funguy2233

6 years ago#6
There was talk of a soul calibur movie back when the first game came out. Nothing ever came of it though. I think it actually has a good enough story to make a movie out of.

What about the doa movie? I don't know anything about the game characters or story but the movie had some good fights.

User Info: LGCulgan

6 years ago#7
As long as Uwe Boll is not involved, a video game based movie at least has potential. So let them make it, watch it and then decide if it was a bad idea or not.
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User Info: tmons78

6 years ago#8
What we really need is a new movie about Street Fighter The Movie: The Game.
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