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DmC or Ninja Gaiden 3

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User Info: Ultima_D_Strike

6 years ago#31

From: Justice98405 | #002
DmC easily. I really like Ninja Theory as a developer.

Honestly, I can't tell if you're serious or not. First time i actually see someone saying he
likes NT as a developer.
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User Info: digidevilwil

6 years ago#32
Anyone here saying either are on some extremely strong medication.

Bayonetta 2, where are you?
Guilty Gear 2: Overture is the best game ever made.
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User Info: Nirvanas_Nox

6 years ago#33
I'm not mean. I'm 1,000 years old and I just lost track of my moral code.

User Info: Devilman_Amon

6 years ago#34
Bayonetta 2 is not coming on anyone so says the developer

User Info: Snorlaxative

6 years ago#35
Merc009 posted...
No, you don't get it.

Easy mode in NG is hard, you are not supposed to put higher difficulty to get a challenge,

Plus, there's so many cutscenes now in NG that it makes MGS4 look like call of duty

If you intend to play NG3 on the higher difficulties, then it'll still retain a high level of challenge as Hayashi already stated. As for easier difficulties, unless you intend to play them why give a ****? NGS2 had Ninja Dog which was ridiculously easy. If you intend to play it on easy with the same level of difficulty as NG and NG2 on normal(/acolyte or whatever) then just start NG3 on the difficulty level above. Also all we've been shown of NG3 is the first level and it seemed to have a pretty similar number of scenes as NG2. Also, you know, you could just skip them. Or watch them and try to enjoy it, God knows the story can't possibly be as bad as the first two.

Let people with a casual interest in the game have an easier normal mode, it really doesn't matter at all if you want a challenge as you can start on a harder difficulty, and whining about it really doesn't make you look like a hardcore badass at all anyway.

User Info: FiendingHard

6 years ago#36
Anarchy Reigns.
PSN - ShinDiFire

User Info: Trixone

6 years ago#37
I'd take Bayo 2 in a heartbeat.
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User Info: metroidcam

6 years ago#38
FiendingHard posted...
Anarchy Reigns.

But to really pick one maybe ng3 because theres no more flying swallow, hate that move.
"Behold my friends, a spoon. The most powerful weapon in existence."

User Info: VeetNam

6 years ago#39
always ninja gaiden for me even though i love both, devil may cry still has sitting duck ai most of the time, NG has balance of both, ai dont do nothing most the time.
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User Info: Shadow_Cloud

6 years ago#40
Ninja Gaiden 3. There aren't too many radical changes (to Ryu...) other than no shop and QTE introductions. Where the hell are people getting information that the game will be easier? The developers have already stated in interviews that the game is still tailored towards the hardcore fans.
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