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The Roast of your Favorite Playstation (1,2, or 3) Game

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User Info: GarlikBakery

5 years ago#1
Simple. Put down the game you love overall (on a playstation console) and tell me why its awful (Roast style).

I'll go first to make it easy for you.

Persona 4 (Available for PS2)

This JRPG (already one strike against it, AM I RIGHT?! HUH HUH! Na, I'm just kidding... but seriously they have been sucking it) has more text than my College Reading book. Good luck skipping it too, without that skip button for conversations. The game is basically a poor man's Pokemon with utterly nonsensical themes put into a completely strange world inside a TV. Don't get the bad ending by the way, it is actually VERY EASY (and quite likely) for you to get it and the game doesn't even bother to tell you which ending you got (hope you brought a guide).

To be frank, you're gonna want to pull out your Persona with a bullet. But the gun you use isn't an Evoker. Wait. That is a Persona 3 reference (don't get me started on that one)... let me try again.

Forget smashing cards to call mythological demons, you are better off playing 52 Pickup. There we go.

Anyway, this is the greatest of existing JRPGs (Normal Turn Based combat? SIGN ME UP!) and is enough reason for me to sell my 3DS for a Vita... THIS ONE GAME.

Your turn. And please try to have fun with it (and don't take it too seriously).
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