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Addictive =/= Fun

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User Info: SoaringDive

6 years ago#31
Suppa Ugly posted...
If addictive games weren't fun, people wouldn't play them. They may not be fun on the level you're looking for, but that doesn't mean nobody finds them fun.

Tell that to the cats who play Maple Story. A game that apparently isn't very fun but still addictive as hell.

Or pretty much all MMOs in general.

User Info: dman3981

6 years ago#32
Mud_Chan posted...
Who eats potato chips when they don't want to? This topic confuses me.

I dare you to have just one lays chip. You can't have just one chip.
Why? Why can't we all get along? Why do we have to complain about everything? Why can't we all just be happy?

User Info: Elyxard

6 years ago#33
Very much agreed with TC. And thanks for the vid link, didn't know Egoraptor was doing things like that.

Nothing wrong with either approach, but a game with a focus and deliberate design around the gameplay elements will always beat out a game that just tosses stuff at you as cannon fodder just to waste your time. As much as I love my JRPG's, a great majority of them reward with arbitrary points to collect rather than earned skill or knowledge. Nobody likes to grind.
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