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People actually play video games while intoxicated?

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User Info: LoveMyPS3

6 years ago#1
yelling matches and trash talking during a game is common. sometimes players say that's because "they are so drunk right now" or "had a few beers tonight"


people drink ALONE and play video games? Is that supposed to be fun? I dunno about you, but I feel drinking is better with more than yourself, and better doing something other than playing games. Maybe it's because I'm a bit competitive and think that drinking would ruin how I play..
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User Info: PaddyFinnLike

6 years ago#2
When you get older alot of people get home from work and have a few beers. It's not a big deal.

More likely though is that the person is having a drink with his mates and happens to be playing online. Only one of them has a mic at a time.

Could also be just some 15 year old pretending he's drunk to show off.

User Info: wallball5

6 years ago#3
The next best game:
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User Info: Freakwave003

6 years ago#4

User Info: cavebear56

6 years ago#5
Yes the do.

Welcome to adulthood.
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User Info: PhoenixRush

6 years ago#6
BLEEEHHHH try it, kid!
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User Info: riddlebox89

6 years ago#7
i drank a few then played FEAR 2 last night, those Alma sightings were tripping me the hell out.
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User Info: BillyJoe88

6 years ago#9
I won't even play video games if I am not drinking....I don't do much of anything without drinking though

User Info: Pharsti01

6 years ago#10
People can combine EVERYTHING with drinking, no matter what you think about it.
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