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Something that bothers me with this generation of games..

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User Info: exile2000

6 years ago#1
I believe we have come to a point where game companies (not all) release games with too many bugs in them. I seriously cant remember this being such an issue with previous consoles/games in the past. I think they have become too complacent and they probably say to themselves "oh we will just release a patch later down the line". Why on earth is this being put up with? People pay alot of money for computer games either on day of release or later down the line and the games should really have no glitches, bugs or error's in them. Of course there will be some hiccups that get through testing but to this extent?

Am i alone?!

User Info: Chaingunmaster

6 years ago#2
At least they can be patched, back in the day if a console game was crap it was crap forever. follow me and I'll follow you
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User Info: thedevilsminion

6 years ago#3
IGN had a clip of all the Battlefield glitches through the years, I do agree with the TC in that many games have that rushed feel, I almost gave up on EA but they seem to be doing things right again, but really thank goodness for patches !!! however I think maybe they use patches as an excuse to rush it Oh we can always fix it later
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User Info: servb0ts

6 years ago#4
No TC I agree with you.

Buggy as Hell, and some developers like Bethesida say's its a good, fun thing.

To me it seem like developers play their game for about 20 minutes, or til the can't beat the 1st Boss, than sell there games.

Don't get me started on DLC, DRM or "DDD"=Developers Dumbass Decisions.

like make a game look great online but lack of local or multi player options. or like Dragon Dogma where you rent out your character to strangers for experiences, or how PS3 has no Cross Over Game Chat. Also I see no reason why PS3 took away the four USB ports, but when I think about it, taking away most local co-op games, and charging for extra ports from consumers wallets seems like their master plan.

User Info: GarlikBakery

6 years ago#5
Chaingunmaster posted...
At least they can be patched, back in the day if a console game was crap it was crap forever.

combine this with the amount of code in games these days, of course glitches and bugs are going to happen. People forget that games these days have more code then ever, and therefore the amount of bugs are extremely likely. Thankfully we have patches these days or who knows how careful and long development cycles would be (and for nothing since no matter how long they spend on a game, there will always be some glitch to find).
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User Info: Xx_King_Beef_xX

6 years ago#6
Chaingunmaster posted...
At least they can be patched, back in the day if a console game was crap it was crap forever.

That's only for people that have high-speed internet, though. Not everybody is as fortunate as those of us that can afford it and do have it. That's the problem with this kind of thinking.
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User Info: thisranks

6 years ago#7
All i have to do is remember the Raki bug in Ar tonelico 2 and I'm thankful for this gen with the ability to patch.

I also agree with GarlikBakery. With expectations for games at an all time high it doesn't make matters any better.

The bottom line is if you don't like it, don't purchase it. If you are worried about another game by a developer who made a really buggy game then don't purchase any more of their games. Go to their forums and let them know about it.

While i can understand your feelings the fact is there's not a damn thing anyone on Gamefaqs can do about it...unless you are lucky enough to have the dev reading posts here. I know that NISA had one at one time, but at this time i can't say for sure if he still does (i believe the name was Penaduro, or something like that).

There's a perfect quote from the movie Liar, Liar by Jim Carrey that pretty much sums up *****ing, whining , and moaning on Gamefaqs, but i fear it will get modded so i can't type it out.

Just fast forward to the part where his wife takes him to where his car is impounded and you'll see what i mean.
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User Info: Xenomorph171

6 years ago#8
They don't care its as simple and pathetic as that.

User Info: KirbyWithAGun

6 years ago#9
I agree with you TC. I find that game Dev's are lazy and cheap to a very high extent. They have their excuses, but some bugs I came across in some games are either an easy fix or easy to notice.... but they are there. I also am tired of sequels not being so amazing in comparison like they did back in the day. All games are also so unoriginal and boring. If they are fun, its because its exactly like a game you liked before.
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User Info: aken909

6 years ago#10
I agree to some extent. But the truth is that games are getting more and more complicated.

Take an old game like Super Mario. What is there to break? He can jump, that's pretty much it. And even then there were still plenty of glitches in those old games. Now compare that to a game like New Vegas where with hundreds of quests many many aspects that effect many many other aspects. You could play test it for years and there is so much going on you could never squash all the random bugs and things that could happen.

In simple terms if you write a two page report vs a 10,000 page book what do you think has greater odds of a typo slipping though?
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