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Something that bothers me with this generation of games..

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User Info: Gamemaster64

6 years ago#11
I don't mind them as long as it not like DI. Nothing wrong so far for me but stuff related to saves is a big no no. A little freeze here and there unless everyone get it and it every time in the same place is fine.

It nice there are patches but those aren't just heh let release now and patch later. DI shouldn't need a day one patch.

I only have one game that had something where it needed to be recalled. My problem is I lost interest in it when it was being shipped over and back.
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User Info: cre_age_aeon

6 years ago#12
Rationalizing the "complexity of the code" is a excuse that is unwarranted. Fallout 3 is a shining example of a flawed engine re-used in New Vegas when the developers and publisher knew in advance it was going to have issues, yet they still used it and put the broke game out to cash in on time.

User Info: nihilist212

6 years ago#13
thisranks posted...
All i have to do is remember the Raki bug in Ar tonelico 2 and I'm thankful for this gen with the ability to patch.

I also agree with GarlikBakery. With expectations for games at an all time high it doesn't make matters any better.

The bottom line is if you don't like it, don't purchase it. If you are worried about another game by a developer who made a really buggy game then don't purchase any more of their games. Go to their forums and let them know about it.

While i can understand your feelings the fact is there's not a damn thing anyone on Gamefaqs can do about it...unless you are lucky enough to have the dev reading posts here. I know that NISA had one at one time, but at this time i can't say for sure if he still does (i believe the name was Penaduro, or something like that).

There's a perfect quote from the movie Liar, Liar by Jim Carrey that pretty much sums up *****ing, whining , and moaning on Gamefaqs, but i fear it will get modded so i can't type it out.

Just fast forward to the part where his wife takes him to where his car is impounded and you'll see what i mean.

lol. that's a great scene.
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User Info: pinktoy

6 years ago#14
I bought Fight night champion , was sick at myself for buying an EA dlc infested game , but I like boxing and looked like a good enough game , and it is. But the game is buggy as hell , every 10 fights the game will freeze and shut my ps3 down while giving a yellow light for a second. I cleaned my *** with it and threw it at the garbage , no way I'm risking my ps3 health for a cursed EA game .

Other then that I had no problems with bugs
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  3. Something that bothers me with this generation of games..

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