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GTA4 and MGS4

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User Info: RoafMetro

6 years ago#1
IGN gave it 10/10 I think its overrated, they don't deserve full score IMO. How do you think ?

User Info: OnslaughtX

6 years ago#2
I think scores are dumb, MGS4 was an amazing (if flawed) end to the series, and GTA4 was fun for a bit, but overall not as clever or textured as San Andreas.
I'm pretty sure that Hideo confirmed that you don't argue MGS semantics with Onslaught. - Serazee -

User Info: Blackvoodoo79

6 years ago#3
GTA4 was terrible compared to San Andreas. I have had MGS4 for a year now and I have hardly touched it, it's a solid game, just not my genre.

User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

6 years ago#4
Considering I still play them both all the time I think they deserve the 10/10 scores. Any game that you still love playing and still has an active online community 3 years later might just deserve the perfect score.

User Info: RoafMetro

6 years ago#5
For me GTA4 doesn't because when compared to San Andreas They took out almost anything like taxi missions and bikes etc there are more. so it doesn't deserve IMO.
MGS4 is good but stealth is really bad compared to Splinter Cell series but story is really good but it doesn't deserve 10 IMO.

User Info: NeoGrayFAQ

6 years ago#6
As far as MGS4 goes, I feel like it is a model for how games should be made. Not just gameplay, but in terms of quality, how much time was put into it, story, etc.

It might not be a perfect 10 in your eyes, but it's hard to deny it is how games should be made. If only EVERYONE put in as much effort as that game, we wouldn't have bad movie tie in games, glitched games, or just plain lame games.
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