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L.A. Noire or Deus EX: Human Revolution

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User Info: KOTRwhoops

5 years ago#31
Sevi_ney posted...
LA Noire got pretty terrible reviews.

No it didn't. You are obviously one of these numptys that thinks lower than a 9 means the game is terrible.
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User Info: tisuko

5 years ago#32
Deus Ex
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User Info: mdomales85

5 years ago#33
deus ex is amazing, although it is alot to take in at first.
expect to spend a decent amount of time exploring, talking, and hacking.
what i mean is, the combat is fun but there are large stretches of the game where you won't even draw your weapons.
the music is a high point, the icarus main theme is so atmospheric, mysterious and beautiful... it really fits the game.
for me, not a rental since i can only really game after work and on weekends, the latter being the only time i can put significant hours in.
deus ex also has replay value since you can approach the game in different ways... provided you don't break the game with the infinite xp glitch on your first playthrough.
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User Info: ShoGunZek

5 years ago#34
I like L.A. Noire.
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User Info: KingAvatar

5 years ago#35
I think I will like L.A. Noire. It's just surprising to me so many people find it to be a disappointment.

User Info: SaggyMaggie

5 years ago#36
LA Noire is BRILLIANT!!!.... For about two hours. Then its just incredibly boring. Its 1 of the few games I just completely gave up on the idea of getting a platinum.

Im right near the end of Deus Ex and although by the half way point I was loving the game. Ive kind of burnt out on it and havnt touched it in at least a week.

Strictly out of these two I would say Deus Ex by a mile. But tbh im sure there are better games out there you havnt played yet.
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User Info: Kodega

5 years ago#37
L.A. Noire isn't bad technically wise. The controls are fine and there's no glaring obvious problems. The music, sound effects are nice and the graphics are decent enough (for as much as the facial software was touted I didn't find it looked that great quite honestly.) I can't fault the game on any of it's technical aspects.

It's just the game is so, well, boring. It's honestly the most boring games I've ever played in recent memory.
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User Info: PolishSovereign

5 years ago#38
Famicom_Girl posted...
Deus Ex.

LA Noire is bad.
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User Info: captpluto99

5 years ago#39
I'm renting L.A. Noire and it's certainly unique and interesting. It does have issues like typical floaty Rockstar movement controls, but it is fun. I'm glad I didn't buy it because it will probably have no replay value.
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