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Dark Souls found a way to punish people who break Street Date!!

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User Info: Jiryn

6 years ago#21
Battlefield 2005 posted...
Couldn't you just play online, not update with a patch etc?

And its more of an inside joke, its very "demons souls"-ish. If it was a normal game like battlefield 3 just making it impossible to play the game, that would be outrageous and a PR nightmare

Well, as I said for shooters they should make it so the level tracking servers don't work till the official release date..

Still this feels like an Anti-Piracy Dick Move from older games..
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User Info: LeadPipeCinche

6 years ago#22
TheWarHorse posted...
PurelyDivine posted...
TheWarHorse posted...
That's dumb. What an amazing idea. Punish people that bought your boring ass game because some RETAILER broke street date and sold it to you early.

why would you break street date to buy a boring ass game

Personally, I wouldn't but some people will.
Consumers don't break street dates. Retailers do. Not everybody is writing down and keeping track of official street dates for games.

considering the games come in boxes to the retailer with the RELEASE DATE ON ALMOST ALL SIDES OF THE BOX. YEAH NOBODY WOULD EVER NOTICE THAT.
well at least thats how our boxes looked when i got them when i worked eletronics on night shift for walmart.
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User Info: im_a_legend

6 years ago#23
What about all the reviewer who have early review copies. Won't this mean that they too can't progress in the game?
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User Info: Snadados

6 years ago#24
Harmonix > From Software
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User Info: svenbjorn

6 years ago#25
i think whomever would be in control of those high-level invaders would be stoked when they see someone breaking street date. I know i would - given the task ahead of moiderin' them.
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User Info: Kaiser499

6 years ago#26
Haha that's pretty awesome.
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User Info: TheGreatKakashi

6 years ago#27
That's sick. More devs could learn from this.
The "Copy Ninja" Hatake Kakashi

User Info: kuter

6 years ago#28
Like some dude said yesterday....

Admin : I'm gonna punish you!

User : *turn lagswitch on* come and catch me!

User Info: MaxP188

6 years ago#29
I bet you can still turn off your Internet and play it just fine offline. But like the person on the first page: why would u want to play a boring ass game?
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