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Am I the only person who finds the God of war franchise bland and stail?

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  3. Am I the only person who finds the God of war franchise bland and stail?

User Info: J22InSpirit

5 years ago#41
I thought it was stail also..
Imo the 2nd one is the best..
J22 Spirit

User Info: Draconas_Lyrr

5 years ago#42
I liked the first one, got bored with the second one about half-way through and haven't played the third one. I liked the story, because I like the mythology, but the gameplay is boring in my opinion.
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User Info: usernamestuff

5 years ago#43
Honestly, to me, each GoW is more of a rehash than each CoD.

Kratos gets mad
He kills some Gods
But before that you gotta solve a couple of puzzles

Play one and you've played them all.
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User Info: Devilman_Amon

5 years ago#44
Get Saint Seiya next year and Cursed Crusade this year. also One Piece Musou and Dark Souls

User Info: biggerboss777

5 years ago#45
XeonexFlash posted...
If you enjoyed the first 2 and thought 3 was meh, then you must have actually never played 3.....

3 would be the best if it didnt have such a crappy final level and mediocre last boss. What a dissapointing way to end the series...

I like GoW2 and GoS the best, the only boring one to me is CoO...... the last boss was good tho.

User Info: slipperyphish

5 years ago#46
not only that but kratos is really pail
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User Info: PolishSovereign

5 years ago#47
squon8888 posted...
I didnt like any of the 3, all were overrated and mindless hack and slacks with no depth.

Well there's your problem you played GoW3 instead of the Good God of Wars. Also you probably played on normal or easy since you say its 'mindless' hacking and slashing. Anyway GoW3 has the *********iest puzzles, the least impressive and memorable environments, the worst story, and Kratos is extremely bipolar in the game compared to the others. God of War 2 = the epitome of a God of War experience while the first GoW is the epitome of a GoW story.
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User Info: Sweepzz

5 years ago#48
THE_PS1_PATRIOT posted...
Troll topics out the wood works today....

Stail? What?

They're not troll topics, Friday is 'Lulz it's Friday Lulz Friday' on GameFaqs.

In case you didn't know...
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  3. Am I the only person who finds the God of war franchise bland and stail?

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