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Think gaming will ever get another Postal 1?

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User Info: the_ENEMY_

6 years ago#1
Nothing was as bleak and morbid as Postal. From the moans of wounded civilian "My legs!" "I can't breathe" and "Kill me now" while they switch from crawling to fetal position leaving a trail of blood, waiting for you to stand over them and execute them, to the opportunity to terrorize an entire marching band.

it was also great to see a button just for killing yourself, even though it didn't do anything but start you from the level again.

just watch the video, listen to those screams. you never hear something so evil in a game anymore. spare the graphics, this game makes mortal kombat look like childs play.

"Has anyone seen my ear?"
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User Info: ohmyupoorchild

6 years ago#2
Postal 3 is currently in development for MAC, PC, 360 and PS3.
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User Info: the_ENEMY_

6 years ago#3
Postal 2 was nowhere near as evil has Postal 1. It was a bit gory, and senseless but nowhere as nasty and rotten as the first. I can only imagine them taking it in a more goofy direction, and that wont do justice.

If you watch the youtube video that i linked you will know what i mean.
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User Info: MMAKSX

6 years ago#4
Im the type of person that handle gore and blood and morbid things, real or fake without trouble, but there are things that make you say, why? For shock value? What enjoyment do you get from a game like this, just like the movie "serbian film" I watched the whole thing and rather then the content bothering me it was the fact that there are people who will enjoy it, the filmakers made it for what? Shock value? I wouldnt recommened it to anyone who cant watch sick things but I cant for even a person like me who it has little effect on because it has no redeeming qualitys about it, it is depressing and the shock value is presented in a real manner, its its explodibg heads and zombies like in dead or alive thats fine cause its in a goofy way but movies like serbian film are just terrible, along with that uwe bowle rampage movie.

At least a game like Manhunt presents a story and gives a reason to kill (not for how brutal it is though) and it has a certain survival suspense to it.

User Info: Mutton_Chops87

6 years ago#5
Let's hope not.

User Info: the_ENEMY_

6 years ago#6
rampage was a great movie. it really brought out the purity of bloodshed.

beating hookers with purple sex toys is fun yeah, but violence comes in different flavors.
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User Info: akuma634

6 years ago#7
A big part of Postal 1 was that these guys were working for a company that made educational games. After all these years wasting away making educational games for the computer, get get fed up with it, start their own indie studio, and just unleash the most screwed up game they can come up with. Just to find a game company in that state of mind would be hard enough. It would be interesting to see a game that can manage to be very violent but give you some serious regret for some of your actions or at the very least make you question what your doing. Games can get crazy gory but you're just killing people who are jerks or killing for fun. It would be interesting to see a game kind of like the August Underground movies where violence is shown in a very raw and realistic way, the camera never cuts away and the killers aren't sociopathic loners, they seem like regular people, they have active social lives, go to concerts, and know how to have fun. They kidnap, rape, torture, and kill for their own amusement and sexual thrill just like real life serial killers do. Just watching it is never fun, but there's something keeping you watching until the end. I'd like a game where it takes you into this very dark world and makes you feel something, when you cross a line it's something you must live with, no backing out like reloading a previous save, just dealing with the consequences. Seeing your character who has no moral compass start to break down and really start to take it out himself, that would be a very fresh take on violence in gaming. PSN - CustersRevenge

User Info: Cloud712

6 years ago#8
Mutton_Chops87 posted...
Let's hope not.

At some point we'll get another game like it (and I don't mean Postal 3, I just mean something that shocking/distasteful), but hopefully not for a while. With the Internet and 24/7 new channels that need to create stories to fill time, it would just be a black eye on the industry, and wasn't even that great a game to begin with. I feel like the major companies are getting smarter about PR, and other than making it on PC, I don't think any of the big 3 would want it on their systems.

The last thing that needs to happen is for them to do something really extreme, which would be bad by today's new standards, and then have someone commit a crime that even remotely resembles an act in the game. At least Night Trap was campy and unintentionally funny (unless you paid more than $20 for it).

User Info: Arrowsedge89

6 years ago#9
Meh nothing shocks me much anymore. After I watched cannibal holocaust, i've become numb.. All I can say is that damn poor turtle..
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User Info: Zblueshell14

6 years ago#10
I don't see Postal 3 getting away with as much since it's coming to the consoles like the first 2 did...
Why can't people just enjoy games anymore?
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