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Think gaming will ever get another Postal 1?

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User Info: Drakengard002

5 years ago#11
If the Manhunt games got neutered, there's not really any expectation that something like Postal would ever get supported on consoles.

It would simply be a blight on the current industry and while indie titles on the PC could get a way with it to a degree, most gamers these days aren't going to buy a game just because it's shocking. If it's shockingly brutal but incredibly innovative, fun and even thought provoking then perhaps so. But that's not likely to happen.
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User Info: Oatcakes

5 years ago#12
That video didn't seem any worse than something you'd see in GTA TBH.
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User Info: Anodyne11

5 years ago#13
Thanks, I remember playing Postal 2 but completely forgot what it was called and been trying to find it out again xD
I remember playing it at a friends house and just messing around on it lol
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User Info: The_Conjuring

5 years ago#14
i think im now going to try and play postal. Thanks for the recommendation. Also i loved a serbian film so i dont know what that guy is talking about... Theres not many films like it and it keeps you interested all the way through, and i usually dislike subtitled movies with some exceptions

User Info: deathsaber79

5 years ago#15
while a little more comical, postal 2 was genius in its own right too.

All the missions given to you were

"go to the store and buy milk". Thats it. You could actually just go to the mini mart, stand in the long line, endure the insulting Arab clerk, pay your money, walk out with your milk and leave, mission accomplished.

Of course this isn't what you end up doing when you are playing a game with no real world consequences, an entire arensel hidden under that trenchcoat, along with the ability to expose yourself and literally just pee on someone if you felt like it.

If I recall though, you could make it through almost the entire game without doing a violent thing, so any and all atrocities you commited were pretty much 100% on you.

User Info: the_ENEMY_

5 years ago#16
maybe ill look into postal 3, who knows they might impress us! so long as its not another duke nukem.
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User Info: Kaliesto

5 years ago#17
There was nothing genius about postal series, nothing but senseless gore and crap.
I screeched at it for several minutes, and then THE GAME finally went crazy and burned itself...

User Info: HorizontalZeus

5 years ago#18
What other movies do you like, Conjuring?
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