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Would you buy a next gen console with no launch games?

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User Info: SoaringDive

6 years ago#11
Does it play PS3 games? Is it less than $400? Does it take up a huge load of space (like Phat PS3)? Will it did on me in 2 years?

I need answers!

User Info: RPG maniac87

RPG maniac87
6 years ago#12
Nope. Same reason I don't have a 3DS.
You lack the mustache for full comprehension. (Super Paper Mario)

User Info: arstos

6 years ago#13
nope, i don't buy systems at launch because there's usually not enough games that interest me, i always wait at least a year so there's a decent library of games. having no games at launch would be terrible
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User Info: ryouma17

6 years ago#14
iam a playstation fanboy your damn straight i'll buy a ps4 with or without games

assuming its not as expensive as the ps3 was, 600$ for 60gigs? that was a painful for me to buy

but then again i'd rather pay 600$ for a 60gig with ps2 compatibility then 300$ for a 80gig without the compatibility

now if i wanna enjoy my old games like ace combat 5 and socom 5 i'll have to dish out 50$ for a ps2 which is most likely break within a month or so. sony needs to bring backward compatibility back i got all these ps2 games and i cant play them anymore

User Info: JonJonJohnnyJon

6 years ago#15
No. I'm tired of being a guinea pig for new hardware. I waited a year this generation, and still ended up with a hardware failure. Ugh. I just want Sony, or someone, to do some damn quality testing (real world, and theoretical). I just want some common sense used before releasing a console.

Then again, I just want to see a GAMING console released that is focused on GAMING.


Who am I, though?
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  3. Would you buy a next gen console with no launch games?

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