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DICE: Console players 'aren't getting less Battlefield 3'

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User Info: AsucaHayashi

5 years ago#21
Point is, it isnt fair to straight up say $250 for a console vs. $800 for a PC.

it isn't fair when people fail to include the actual gaming part of PC gaming.

i mentioned in another BF3 topic how i wouldn't trade the ability to get $1500 worth of games for $250 in exchange for the ability to resell my games.

this is on top of the countless amount of F2P games there already are out there.
''PC/360 titles are Microsoft exclusive meaning not on Apple or Linux, meaning the people who own Windows own 360 which still makes it exclusive''. ~Phamous1

User Info: Asellus

5 years ago#22
lol obviously now Dice wouldn't want to say to its biggest market "you're getting a lesser version of the game". When it clearly is in its sense of scale.

PC was actually Bad Company 2's biggest market.

Decent gaming PC is $600-$800 if you build it yourself (assuming no prior equipment like a monitor). A console is like $250.

"Assuming no prior equipment like a television", I'm assuming? You can use an hdtv as a monitor.

User Info: CooperRC

5 years ago#23
There just is no reason to get the PS3 version if you have a gaming PC. And the whole "I want to play on a couch" does not work anymore since it is easy to integrate a PC into your living entertainment system if you really want to.

User Info: Wiiplayer111

5 years ago#24
Well, while consoles may not be getting the full 64 people experience, at least thats the only thing changed.
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