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To anyone still curious about X-Men Destiny

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User Info: thisranks

5 years ago#21
k_adsl123 posted...
Ghostbusters wasn't that good either.

I'll disagree with this. I loved Ghostbusters enough to play it multiple times.

Activision game so it's on my no buy list anyways. Sad to hear this for fans of the X Men, though.
I don't hate the regionally's just that their opinion is irrelevant to my enjoyment of the RPG matter where the game is created.

User Info: Ninja4H

5 years ago#22
It's sad. You'd think in this day an age we could get a truly epic X-Men game. Comic-to-game adaptions are on par with game-to-film adaptions, with the exception of a small few titles.

Still confused why they went with the preset generic characters. Surely creating your own mutant, his/her backgrounds, powers etc. would be a drawcard.

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User Info: scjet

5 years ago#23
Silicone Knights made this? Oh how the mighty have fallen.
February 29th, 2010
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User Info: Mindwipe77

5 years ago#24
i wish i had not paid 60 bucks for this game, it;'s worth no more then 20 at most. I won't be buying anymore of SK's games at full price unless it's eternal darkness 2
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User Info: Porunga

5 years ago#25
They should really work on Eternal Darkness 2

NO! It has just been said that the last few games they have made has been complete crap, and you want them to make one of the most demanded sequels ever? Do you not think they won't **** that up too?
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