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OPM Batman Arkham City Reviewer Is Pissed Off At Accusations of Corruption

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User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

6 years ago#41

From: Paragon57 | #001
Ever since I was a child, I have longed – YEARNED – for a chance to get something I wrote printed on a videogame box.


User Info: OnslaughtX

6 years ago#42
I'm not entirely sure I agree. I don't see "plot conclusion"as a bullet point on the reviews anyways, what does it matter if they see the end? As long as the game doesn't have some game-breaking glitch only found at the end, I don't see how playing for 2 days isn't enough time to formulate an opinion about the gameplay, visuals, sound, etc.?

There is more to a game than "plot conclusion." Hell, there are games that introduce mechanics in the 11th hour (FFXIII, Darksiders). Why does plot, end game mechanics, pacing, flow, enemy setups NOT matter in your opinion, but a lone glitch does in influencing reviews? That just strikes me as silly.

Would you base an MGS2 review on just the tanker? What about a game like El Shaddai with its constantly shifting aesthetics? What about something like FFXIII, where mechanics are still being added 20 hours in? Hell, look at how much people hang on how long a game is... you're going to finish 8 hours of a game, then tell me it lasts 14 - 20? Where are you getting those numbers from if YOU didn't finish it?

So what does it matter? It matters because reviewers refuse to give up the review score portion. If you're going to QUANTIFY your opinion, and that score is going to end up on Metacritic, where, as I said, it can dictate MANY things that impact people's livelihoods, it better well be a review of the full game. Otherwise, drop the damn score. And stop with the whole "first review exclusive" crap. To me it feels like throwing developers under the bus just to be "first!"
I'm pretty sure that Hideo confirmed that you don't argue MGS semantics with Onslaught. - Serazee -

User Info: TheBudds

6 years ago#43
regsantotomas posted...
The internet conspiracy theory relies on three fundamental pillars:

- paranoia
- lack of evidence
- absurdity

I think that's just Gamefaqs' creed.
TBC on the security matter regarding the PS3 " I see what you mean now. I have zilch experience in programming. "

User Info: Tikeio

6 years ago#44

There's no way that this game is perfect. I'd reject his review too.

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