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Who here will NOT buy a PS4 if it's not backward compatible?

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  3. Who here will NOT buy a PS4 if it's not backward compatible?

User Info: memberop

5 years ago#21
Vecturin posted...
XeonexFlash posted...
"there is no guarantee that will happen, you think a chip invented in 2005 has withstood the test of time and is still relevant in 2012 (or later)?"

Um, did you know cellbased processor is a design and can be revamped, just like intel core..

designs themselves can become obsolete, which is what happens every few years with PC GPUs.


(IIRC) Wasn't there an article stating that Sony wouldn't put much $$$ into the PS4?

(IF true) I wouldn't be surprised if they just had IBM make that double core / 16 SPU cell
processor; stuff that into the PS4 ask nvidia to make a new GPU to stuff into the PS4.
Add more RAM, stick with blu-ray and shipped like that.

User Info: jammies

5 years ago#22
CyborgTwenty posted...
why not just make ps3 forwards compatible??? why do i have to buy a ps4 to play ps4 games??? i wanna play them on mah ps3!!

That's called PC gaming. It's expensive.
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User Info: project122

5 years ago#23
i will still buy it regardless of BC...if they do have BC then it'll just be a bonus...glad i hold on to all my systems...but to each its own...
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User Info: FullMetalPanic

5 years ago#24
It won't stop me from buying one.
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User Info: nightstalker92

5 years ago#25
AceAndJunpei posted...
As Sony said before the release of the PS3, backwards compatibility is a "legacy feature" of the Playstation brand and is important to do right, something they pointed out Microsoft had not done correctly.

Of course there will be backwards compatibility in the PS4. Sony would never take a way a legacy feature of the all-encompassing Playstation brand.

Except the PS4 slim, which will probably have the advantage of not breaking down as often and trapping copy protected saves on it. I am so ready for next gen.
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  3. Who here will NOT buy a PS4 if it's not backward compatible?

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