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What is your 2011 Exclusive of the year?

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User Info: kamikaze135

6 years ago#11
Uncharted 3
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User Info: WantedOutlaw

6 years ago#12
Right now, Portal 2.

It'll ultimately end up probably being either Batman: Arkham City or Uncharted 3.
Everything I'm starting to hear about Batman AC is starting to lean me towards that one a bit more.

User Info: BilI_Rizer

6 years ago#13
Ghost Trick or Radiant Silvergun(XBLA)

User Info: LuigiVampaSwag

6 years ago#14
Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

User Info: ArPharazon412

6 years ago#15
Gears of War 3, easily.
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User Info: MurphysLaw

6 years ago#16
It will probably/hopefully be Uncharted 3 now that The Last Guardian and Twisted Metal are not coming this year.

User Info: Teremei

6 years ago#17
I haven't played it yet, but I have a strong feeling that Uncharted 3 will probably be it. If I had a 360 Forza 4 would be my top 360 exclusive cause I love Forza from what I can remember. GT just doesn't hold a candle to Forza.

Nothings gonna beat Uncharted 3 as far as exclusives go, though.
last $$: Breath of Fire (gba), Zelda OOT 3D, Class of Heroes
Playing: Breath of Fire (gba), Zelda OOT 3D

User Info: Shineboxer

6 years ago#18
Gears 3, obviously.
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