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anyone else playing Ico for the first time?

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User Info: andizzle29662

5 years ago#1
I just got the collection and started playing Ico. It has a great atmosphere and nice graphics. Two things annoy me.

1. Clunky controls. The jumping is just bad in this game.
2. Yorda's AI is not terrible but can get frustrating at times. I see her climb ladders even when I call her. The checkpoint system sucks too.

Overall, Ico is a great game, just alittle annoying:)

What are your thoughts?
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User Info: mancow53

5 years ago#2
i am! i just got it in the mail today, but havent started it yet. sooooo i cant really comment but this serves as a bump as well haha
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User Info: Sayoria

5 years ago#3
Started it. Seems like I am going to be annoyed with it later though. I have it on hold for now since I have been playing WKC2/Atelier Totori.

I can say though, there was two times I was saying "What the hell" to..... one being where I had to jump from a wall and pull down this chain in some building.... I couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do, but then I did.... I didn't know you could swing the chain.

Other part was with this under waterway with two buttons. I was trying to figure out how to get Yorda up. Outside on one end, she kept pointing inside the waterway place, on the other end, she would do the same thing. It was driving me nuts. When I left her alone, she would go over to this area of light that looked too deep to pull her out of, but I tried anyways and she was pulled up.
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