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Since Resistance 3 bombed...

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User Info: Clogged_Artery

5 years ago#1
I hope that drives Insomniac to focus more on platformers again.
I want a sequel to Eternal Darkness!!!
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User Info: OnslaughtX

5 years ago#2
Ratchet is next week... not too platform heavy but a surprising amount of traversal/coop stuff to do.

Overstrike is most definitely not a platformer.
I'm pretty sure that Hideo confirmed that you don't argue MGS semantics with Onslaught. - Serazee -

User Info: OtakuGamera

5 years ago#3
i wouldnt say it bombed, it could still sell over a million copies. also i wouldnt say the franchise overall is a failure, R1 and R2 sold millions and i dare say that it was because it is an FPS that it sold that much. i bet the new ratchet wouldnt even reach 1 mil in a long time.
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