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Is there anyone who didn't bother upgrading their HDD on their ps3?

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  3. Is there anyone who didn't bother upgrading their HDD on their ps3?

User Info: cheatermaster

5 years ago#1
From what I understand, upgrading your HDD is the only way to get more space on the ps3. However, I decided I'm not going to change my HDD. Yes, that's means I'll end up constantly deleting things and redownloading them over and over, and it's gonna get annoying after a while. But I gotta learn to get used to it, whether I like it or not. Besides, generally for the most part, I really don't mind. I guess I moslty have the patient to wait until I finish redownloading a bunch of things again.

So is there anyone who decided not to upgrade their HDD on their ps3 and kept it the way it is? Cause I've had my ps3 since around the time it was released and as much as I want to have more room, I decided I'm not gonna bother. Course currently I'm trying to figure out what I should delete (and if I wanna play a game again, I'll redownload later), though I think I'll start with games hardly play much.

User Info: cheatermaster

5 years ago#2
Everybody would rather have their HDD upgraded?

User Info: The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy
5 years ago#3
I haven't filled mine yet so don't really need to replace it.

User Info: CoolDogrol

5 years ago#4
I still have my fat orginal 60 gb, no need to upgrade... It already has more then enough cushin for the pushin.

User Info: archizzy

5 years ago#5
My PS3 is only used for games. Saves are always pretty small and I have close to 50 disc based games, some with rather large installs and I have never come close to filling mine.

My original 80gig BC unit lasted 18 months and I still had like 47 gig left on that. My 120gig slim I have had for quite awhile and even with a number of PSN games I have now purchased along with all my disc games I still have like 67 gig left.

It will probably die before I ever need space, and if I did need it I could delete a game I haven't touched in forever and never plan on playing again.
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User Info: Grizzle1981

5 years ago#6
I've deleted several games. They are either old boring game or games that I've beaten 100% ... so I'm good.
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User Info: cheatermaster

5 years ago#7
Oh so some people don't need the upgrade, huh? Cause for some silly reason, I actually went thinking I'm the only one who is never going to upgrade his ps3 HDD. Yeah, I know, it's silly to think that.

User Info: Zeusthagod

5 years ago#8
Mine came with 250GB and I don't really use the space for anything other than game related stuff.

I have tons of movies and TV shows that I watch on my PS3 (around 2TB worth of stuff) but I plug in the external hard drive and watch from there.
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User Info: GoatJugSoup

5 years ago#9
Mines 120gb and half of the space is always used for movies, music and such so no problem space wise, I can always just watch and delete some of those
also most of my games are disc not digital so if i had to delete the install data it wouldnt be any downloading to get it back
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User Info: Annin22

5 years ago#10
I still have mine with the original 250 gig. Plenty of room for me and plenty left.
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