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Funny how tech moves so fast huh?

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User Info: MMAKSX

5 years ago#1
Resistance 1 and DMC4 have aged pretty quickly, I remember being wow'd by both, I still get wow'd but not in a good way. Anyone else gone back to some early ps3 games and remember them looking much better¿

User Info: The_Conjuring

5 years ago#2
yeah, i remember
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User Info: TheCollectiveX

5 years ago#3
I tried to play R1 the other day, time has not been kind lol
PSN: solidkevinx

User Info: lambchips

5 years ago#4
this is why i said most of this gens games will be forgettable when new prettier games come out

remember the time when everyone was going on about how great oblivion looked? look at it nonw and tell me the ps3 version looks pretty
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  3. Funny how tech moves so fast huh?

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