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Maybe it's okay to hate on 8/10

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User Info: CronoDyne

5 years ago#1
This is partially a response to the topic of a similar title, but since it's becoming a (done to death) fad to talk about the apparent outrage over review scores, I decided to make an entire topic on it. Prepare to read me blather on about things I shouldn't care even about =P

It's easy to see negative criticism, the score "8/10, and then jump to the blind conclusion that the person making the criticism is obviously just an irrational angry gamer who wants to whine when things don't go his way. But that's very narrow minded, don't you think? Did it every occur to people like Jim Sterling or the guys at Mega64 that maybe, just maybe, there's some legitimate criticism when it comes to review scores? Now obviously there are those so entranced by their beloved developer that it causes them oh so much pain and grief when they see a game get something other than a 20/10. But it's tiring to see everyone assume that any complaint is just a "whine."

The pros and cons detailed in professional reviews are completely arbitrary. What may be perfectly okay for a reviewer in one game he thinks is crap in another. Read a review of any game in a particular JRPG series and you'll see the complaint that it's "just more of the same." Read a review of CoD, NFL 2xxx, God of War, etc. and you see nothing similar mentioned. Reviewers often compare games to others in the genre, saying "be more like them!" instead of focusing on the game on its own. I rarely read a review where the writer takes a journalistic approach and weighs the pros and cons in a fair and accurate manner. A game should be rated by its actual faults, not the reviewers tastes. Bad pacing, awkward controls, wonky camera.. universal flaws that can attribute to a low score. The score shouldn't be affected by the reviewer's dislike of an item menu, for instance. Are you thinking, "you stupid moron, that's his OPINION!!!"? Well, reviews aren't just "opinions." They're journalistic, unbiased analyses of a given work. The reviewer is more than welcome to share his dislike of a certain aspect of the game, but that doesn't mean it should be taken into account in the overall score.

But 8/10 is still good, right? Of course! But if the game deserves more, and is lowered due to the transparent reviewer who can't look beyond his own biases, then there's room for complaint. This board has been saying for some time now, "support the developers," so put yourself in their shoes. Think back to school; would you rather get the A that you deserved, or the B that the teacher decided to give you because you wrote too small? Hey, a B is good! But you deserved that A, and you should get it. Whether you like it or not, you have to face the fact that review scores means sales. And a 10/10 is far more likely to sell than an 8/10.
Remember: there's a lot of kids on these boards. Logic doesn't always follow. Think back to when you were 13, raging over things you didn't understand

User Info: OnslaughtX

5 years ago#2

The pros and cons detailed in professional reviews are completely arbitrary.


Like I said, time to drop review scores entirely... they have become twisted by both the media and consumers alike, and need to be dropped fast.
I'm pretty sure that Hideo confirmed that you don't argue MGS semantics with Onslaught. - Serazee -
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