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games you might buy in 2012

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User Info: kg21mvp2004

5 years ago#51
Ps3 games
Dead space ignition
Bioshock infinite
Red dead redemption
Fallout NV Ultimate edition
Demon souls GOTY
Fear 2
Infamous 2
Dead island
Dragon age origions
Dragon age origons expansion pack
Dragon age 2
Record of agarest war zero
Spiderman shattered dimensions
Dead space 2
L.A niore
Heavy rain
Prototype 2
Fear 3
Castlevania lords of shadow
Portal 2
Ar tonelico
Crysis 2
Ratchet n clank crack in time
Disgea 4 a promise unforgotton
Batman arkham city
Kingdoms of amalur :reckoning
Ico and shadow of the collossus
Dark souls
FF 13-2
Mass effect 2
Resonance of fate
Star ocean the last hope international
Tales of graces
White knight chronicles
White knight chronicles 2
Little big planet 2
Megaman 9
Megaman 10
Pacman championship edition dx
Ratchet n clank future quest for booty
Ratchet n clank all 4 one
Sonic the hedgehog 4 ep.1
Beyond gd n evil
Castlevania harmony of despair
Dead rising 2
Dead rising 2 expansion pack
Ninja gaiden sigma 2
Rayman origions
Saints row the third
Sly cooper 3 thieves in time
Uncharted 2 GOTY
Uncharted 3
Spiderman edge of time
sly collection
Deus ex
Giants Record 12-4 Prediction:11-5 Twolves 10-25 Predition:35-47

User Info: kg21mvp2004

5 years ago#52
And thats only ps3 if I show ya other systems it prob fill a whole page lol
Giants Record 12-4 Prediction:11-5 Twolves 10-25 Predition:35-47

User Info: Thermador446

5 years ago#53
Mass Effect 3
Bioshock: Infinite
MGS Rising

Possibly Max Payne 3
If Twisted Metal gets really good reviews, then maybe
Im sorry but Im not equipped to reach a conclusion regarding that assessment at this time and whats more let me add that Iwill explode your head for saying that

User Info: LankyKong

5 years ago#54

Will buy:

Sly 4
Ni No Kuni
Tales of Graces F
Silent Hill HD
Jak & Daxter HD
Yakuza Dead Souls
Persona 4: Ultimate Arena
Tomb Raider

Might buy:

Bioshock Infinite
Twisted Metal

User Info: arclouks_x

5 years ago#55
Mass effect 3 already preordered special edition
PSN : arclouksx
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