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Dumb to get a ps3 this late in its life?

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User Info: RealityBites19

5 years ago#1
I know people will say "Its out now, no sequel is announced" but my brother was dumb and went out and bought the Gears of War 360 and a few days ago there was an article on Engadget about a 360 successor being announced at CES.

There are black Friday deals (200 for a 160gb ps3 with lbp2 and r&c) that seem like a steal.

My plan was to buy a Vita and use it for the next year (or two) until the ps4 comes out. Anyone wanna chime in with some advice?
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User Info: skatrx9349

5 years ago#2
There's nothing wrong with buying a PS3 right now. At all. If you like the games and like the system, go for it.

Worst case scenario, you get a system for a decent price during the holidays and they announce the next Playstation at CES. That means there's at least another year or so before the new system is released. You then keep your system for a solid couple years while you wait for the PS3 successor to have a major price drop, then you buy it.

User Info: Shippoyasha

5 years ago#3
It'd be like getting a PS2 during 2008 or something. It's cheap, there's a lot of used games so it might be good that way.

Plus, even if the games start to become outdated, at least the Bluray playability won't. I remember using the PS2's DVD player a while after I stopped playing PS2 games too much.

User Info: doraemonllh1989

5 years ago#4
even the next ps4 is out

do you really wanna buy those launched console?and most game would be more like visual focused game than gameplay,just like LAIR
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User Info: 2NIKNIM

5 years ago#5
There is nothing wrong with buying a PS3 at this point in it's life cycle. Hey, I bet not many people would disagree with anyone wanting to buy a PS2 these days too.

Buy one, and enjoy the bargain bins
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User Info: Drophyd167b

5 years ago#6
Getting a console this late into it's lifespan is a smart move, since it means you'll have a massive game library to pick from. Also, a new console may be on the way, but it always takes a couple of years for their own library to bulk up.
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User Info: petran78

5 years ago#7
also a newer hardware model will (hopefully) have various revisions and last longer.
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User Info: Vashel

5 years ago#8
Getting one now is great because:

1) Is going to be new to you no matter how long it's been on the market
2) You can find great games at really low prices
3) I love my Xbox 360 to death but I think right now PS3 has better exclusives
4) What someone mentioned already even if a new console gets released next year it's better to wait and see how good is the support, if there's any bugs, etc
5) honestly man I have and love all three consoles but lately my PS3 has been getting more love just because I still find amazing games that I haven't played yet and are dirt cheap(Collections).

Like I said on #1 is all going to be new to you I bet you are going to enjoy it!

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User Info: Pharsti01

5 years ago#9
Why would it be dumb >_>?

The games arent going anywhere you know, if you want the games for the ps3, get a ps3.

User Info: Q_Sensei

5 years ago#10
Pharsti01 posted...
Why would it be dumb >_>?

I could think of one reason: The PS4 has Backward Compatibility.

If this happens (Which it might not, Sony's been stupid about that) then it may be best to wait for the PS4 and drop the extra money to get that instead.
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