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Dumb to get a ps3 this late in its life?

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User Info: Q_Sensei

6 years ago#21
Trigger2K posted...
For $200 I'd say go for it and then wait for a slim more reliable PS4. We all know how launch systems are. YLOD plagued many of the fat PS3s later in life and people wound up with $600 paper weights.

This is a good recommendation actually....

The waiting on the PS4 thing at least. First Line Sony Products always suck.
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User Info: RealityBites19

6 years ago#22
Thanks for the advice guys!

I'm just worried ill buy it now, grab a game with a great multiplayer community and then the ps4 drops and the next three sequels will be on a new console. Lol
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User Info: Lelouch71

6 years ago#23
It's smarter to buy a system towards the later part of its life cycle than at the beginning. The PS3 is cheap plus there are plenty of games to choose from unlike 5 years ago. I didn't get my PS3 until the price drop to $300. The key thing to do is let all the early adopters be the guinea pigs while you reap the reward. I'm probably going to do the same with the PS4.
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User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
6 years ago#24
We haven't heard the PS3's swan song. The PS4 wasn't announced.

I doubt we'll be seeing the PS4 for another 2 years. You want to wait that long? Also, getting a console at launch is rarely a good idea anyway.

User Info: Encephlon

6 years ago#25
you can't count of PS4 having backward compatibility.

the only console system that is "dumb" to get right now is the wii, just for skyward sword.
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