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Does Yakuza 4 have fun town exploration?

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User Info: Evoco

5 years ago#1
To give you all an example of what I am looking for.

I played DEUS EX: HR earlier this year, and I instantly fell in love with the town exploration.

I never played a DEUS EX before, so I was quite surprised at how fun the town exploration was itself.

Walking down streets and alleyways, finding hidden entrances to buildings, going into apartment buildings with multiple floors and exploring the various apartments, collecting sidequests etc.

Is Yakuza 4 something like this?

Can you walk into buildings? Secret alleyways? Apartments?

And if so, is it a good idea to play Yakuza 3 first before 4 so I am able to play 2 games adventure worth instead of 1 (That being just Yakuza 4)

User Info: carcypher

5 years ago#2
actually it is, since Yakuza 4 has now underground levels and sewers
this game evolved as the previous on PS2, rooftops as well are now added, but it's not like Deus Ex, but it somewhat has its own exploration especially newly added lil chinatown in between the city of it's alleyways

and you dont need to play Yakuza 3 unless you really cared for the main character of the first 3 chapters of Yakuza
but this 4th game you play as 3 other characters
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  3. Does Yakuza 4 have fun town exploration?

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