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Is my PS3 dying?

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User Info: plus1zero

5 years ago#1
I have an 80GB BC phat, as of right now it reads discs fine, plays games/movies perfectly without a hiccup, and loads everything fine. But the fan kicks in pretty quick and gets loud. I've heard from some that it's fine but others say it's about to bite the dust. With the BF bundle at 199, I could upgrade for cheap, but I like having backwards compatibility. What do you guys think?

User Info: mancow53

5 years ago#2
on a long enough timeline we are all dying. so yes.

but really, i would upgrade if i were you, transfer all your stuff and keep the fat to play ps2 games when you feel like it
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User Info: killak

5 years ago#3
My 60GBs fan has been quick to get loud, for the past 3 years.

Don't worry. Keep gaming.
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User Info: xXKira_KiraXx

5 years ago#4
I had a 60gig that was doing the same thing. Lasted for 2 months then YLOD on me. I recommend that you backup your files to transfer it to a newer PS3 if you're getting another one soon. I bought a slim PS2 slim cheap off of EBAY $30 since I still play classic PSX and PS2 games.
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User Info: FullMetalPanic

5 years ago#5
My phat's fan is soo quiet, I could barely hear it. My PS3 is 3 1/2 years old btw.
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User Info: TheWarHorse

5 years ago#6
My 40GB phat was getting jet engine loud... like, louder than the first 360 I got back in '06 kind of loud, so I traded it in a few weeks ago. My new slim PS3 is whisper quiet just like my slim 360. I figure, when these things start sounding like jet engines it's time to get rid of them. Newer models are a hell of a lot quieter anyway.
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