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Should I trust Target?

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User Info: AgostaNeverDies

6 years ago#1
Saw it had the 199.99 PS3 bundle listed early today, but the quantity was set at 1. About 6 hours later, it's still at 1. I'm not really sure if I should trust this or not...I don't want to get screwed over and miss the deal if I can get it from another place.
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User Info: GojiraBiruubato

6 years ago#2
tight pants swag

User Info: AiuchiFanboi

6 years ago#3
Target no....Best buy still has the bundles though with free shipping
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User Info: Fei_Ku

6 years ago#4
Just ordered mine from Best Buy, had 0 problems, and it says the delivery date will be in 1-2 weeks. Couldn't be easier.
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User Info: Rotuhiiri

6 years ago#5
Amazon has it for $199.99 too if you miss out.
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User Info: pwned3x

6 years ago#6
Both Amazon and Gamestop has it. Ordered it from Gamestop myself
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