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Imagine DLC last gen and the gen before that?

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User Info: CronoDyne

5 years ago#11
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Alucard's second quest: Explore the unknown depths of the inverted castle in this exciting expansion to Konami's GOTY title! - $14.99

Extra Area 1 - Tackle the castle's other count and his minions in the confines of Orlox's Quarters. - $2.99

Extra Area 2 - Do you have what it takes to battle the demons of the underground? Take the challenge in the Underground Carverns. - $2.99

Extra Area 3 - Delve deep into the dark abyss of Dracula's castle: the Catacombs. Bring a flashlight. - $2.99

Richter Belmont - Ready to take on Dracula's castle as one of the legendary Belmonts? Get your whip cracking with this downloadable character! - $3.99

BGM Bundle - Want to explore the castle in symphonic style? Download this BGM bundle today to experience a select collection of haunting melodies from the Castlevania series. - $9.99
Remember: there's a lot of kids on these boards. Logic doesn't always follow. Think back to when you were 13, raging over things you didn't understand
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