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some ideas for games...

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User Info: weAREtheB0RG

5 years ago#11
1: As someone said, it's already been done for the most part in True Crime.

2: No comment.

3: I believe that the guys that made the recent "Back to the Future" and "Jurassic Park" games have the rights to The Walking Dead. We may yet see a game based on that show.

4: No comment
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User Info: _HlM_

5 years ago#12
bookwormzzzz posted...
_HlM_ posted...
Legacy5 posted...
well seeing as these are just ideas put on a message board for fun and not thought out and planned out for years im not expecting them to be perfect ideas. you totally missed the point of my topic. any other ideas from anyone else that isnt a jerk.

Dont mind bookz, hes just some loser. I remember back when we used to play DS together he said he wasnt a "geek" anymore because he started drinking. He also didnt know people could have sex "sideways" lol forget him, hes most likely not even majoring in what he claims my guess is hes still hooked on random chicks on the internet. I bet you still remember Bluerose and Kagome, huh? LOL

1. I am majoring in what I said although now I'm thinking of going into the Airforce. Thinking more about the future and what not.

2.I did try drinking for a bit, but no matter what I tried I still hate the taste of alcohol so yeah that didn't last long.

3. Yes I do remember them in the sense of how you don't think about someone for ages, but when someone says their name you are like "Oooo that guy."

4. I still stand with the sideways sex thing >_>

And to TC sorry I was a jerk I was still in a school mode so I do apologize for that. But I still stand with how the idea's needed more to work. The only thing you listed I could kind of see what the Supernatural thing and even with that it was more or less, "this show would be a sweet game." But I love Supernatural so maybe thats why that is the only one I see potential for.

1. lol

2. lol

3. lol

4. lol
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