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Dynasty Warriors 7 vs. Dynasty Warriors 7: Extreme Legends

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User Info: Callaway15

5 years ago#1
I'm a little confused about the difference between DW7 and DW7: Extreme Legends...

I'm wanting to decide which new dynasty warriors game to get, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of info easily found about which is the one to go with...if you haven't played either.

So...Is Extreme Legends the same as the original DW7, but with new added content? Does Extreme Legends have all of the content that DW7 has?

I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts on this....thanks.

User Info: nite1017

5 years ago#2
...have you tried asking DW7 or DW7EL boards? i bet they know more about it than the PS3 boards.

User Info: NeoAnduril

5 years ago#3
Both together make one complete game and I am loving it right now.

If you can't get both, don't get either IMO because the experience just isn't that good with one or the other.

User Info: Zerowu

5 years ago#4
Here's the gist if you don't want to search on the boards. And don't listen to the guy that says don't get either if you can't get both.

just so u no what i refer to
DW7= original
XL= xtreme legends
I bought DW 7 on Black Friday for 30 new. Basically, it has story mode and conquest mode and DLC. Story mode is quite good compared to the old one. You know how it plays, they reverted back to similar dynasty warriors 5 combo system with now generic weapons for every character and a unique EX attack (one particular combo string) specific to their weapon. Musou also got a lot shorter.

XL has always been an expansion pack, and to get the full benefits out of it you usually have to remix the disks by finding that option and inserting DW7 then inserting xtreme legend back in. This will last a few days then you remix again.

XL by itself has NO story mode. It offers 3 new characters, new ex weapons, and I think a new mode similar to the old free mode (correct me if I'm wrong). I think story mode has always been a great source of entertainment, especially this iteration. That's where DW7 come in. When you remix, then the entire game opens up and you can play story mode on XL even with 2 players (restricted to 1 player in DW7).

But do note, DW 7 still offer 2 player co-op in their conquest mode. It's like a watered down version of free mode with a tinge of RPG feeling to it. But it'll entertain you and a local friend enough especially since it unlocks more character. But this iteration of story mode is what got me back into the franchise again. It goes back to the format of DW4 where it's story by kingdom rather than story of every character which was awfully tedous and long. And it has CUTSCENES and is more historically accurate than previous iterations where characters actually die.

Here's why I recommend DW7 first, then if you like it enough go and buy XL. Because stuff you unlocked in DW7 transfers to XL. But stuff you unlock in XL don't transfer to DW7. So if you start with both, to get the full experience you have to remix every once in a while which becomes a pain especially if you haven't beat story mode... And also this saves you money in the long run. You buy XL, you'll be tempted to buy DW7 to get the full experience of the praised story mode. You buy DW7, you get the meat of this iteration, and you don't lose as much money if you get bored because you won't buy XL then.

Only get XL by itself if you are only looking to play co-op with friends and don't care about story mode which I loved and is still playing because it unlocks all the characters for you when you start the game rather then unlock like in DW7

User Info: NeoAnduril

5 years ago#5

From: Zerowu | #004
And don't listen to the guy that says don't get either if you can't get both.

Sure don't listen to me. Somehow your opinion is more valid than mine.

lol. PS3 board, never change.

User Info: Zerowu

5 years ago#6
well I defended my argument in the last paragraph. You basically told the guy, if you can't afford both don't get either which makes no sense in my opinion.

User Info: NeoAnduril

5 years ago#7

From: Zerowu | #006
well I defended my argument in the last paragraph.

Ok I can see that.

You basically told the guy, if you can't afford both don't get either which makes no sense in my opinion.

Ok I can see that as well.

Where does that make your opinion > my opinion?

User Info: SODIS

5 years ago#8
I'd have to agree with Zero on this one. Better to start off with DW7 (which is cheaper by now) to see if you like it. If you do, then XL is the next step forward. However if you go with XL first, you'll end up spending more initially for a questionable experience.

But thankfully, both games rock so you can't go wrong. The best DW7 yet, next to DW5 (or DW4, debatable).

EDIT: XL games usually are usually fan-service. So if you did enjoy DW7 and liked a particular character, XL offers an original story for such a character so you can see them evolve past their historical importance. Usually, it's pretty funny or awesome (as with the case with Guo Jia or Sun Jian). However if you do start off with XL first, you might not get the hidden-facts that fans are suppose to know. Like Guan Yu and Xiahou Dun's rivalry. Or the special relationship between Ling Tong and Gan Ning.

User Info: Zerowu

5 years ago#9
I'm just looking out for the TC's interest because I was severely put off with DW6 but my interest revitalized with DW7. In no way do I think my opinion is more valuable than yours and I had no intention of offending you. But I also can't stand by and watch as that post potentially steer the TC away from supporting the dynasty warriors franchise which is starting to change for the first time in a while in a better direction.

It's my favorite hack and slash, and I don't play it often. The last time I had so much fun after DW3 & 4 was samurai warriors and I wasn't a fan of the newer games put out like DW6 and its dumb renbu system, dynasty warriors gundam monotnous air combo and slow combat lacking the epic feel, sengoku basara because we won't get the expansion and how it is a serious square button masher if you're not into canceling and other things, or hokuto no ken for its slow combat. DW7 is the first game of this genre I've enjoyed in a while.

User Info: Zerowu

5 years ago#10
So pumped a fellow person enjoyed DW 4 too. It was my first purchase of a dynasty warriors game after playing DW3 at my friend's house. The story mode was tight for that game compared to 5's horribly long one. Duels were awesome, although debatable. I remember the first time I saw Lu Bu I ran for my life vowing to take him down after i leveled up especially cause he was so strong in duel mode. Loved the graphics too for the time it was made in. And that super cool cover. Nowadays, Zhao Yun lines up every one of them almost.
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