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Have you ever done this? Buying a PS1 classic from the store because....

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User Info: Alltra

5 years ago#21
No, but I have re-purchased a PS1 game that I already own, so I can play it on my PSP.

I have yet to have any kind of issue playing my PS1 games on my PS3. All of mine work fine on the system, even Grandia which was mentioned as not working correctly.
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User Info: Ironcondorz

5 years ago#22
The PS3 isn't region free even for PS3 games. It's just that nobody has region locked a PS3 game yet (AFAIK) by choice. A publisher can region lock a PS3 game if they want to.

In other words PS3 games are region free, the console is not.
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User Info: Sulka90

5 years ago#23
I re-purchase PS1 games since i have, umm... "special" versions of some good classics.

User Info: Colinp42

5 years ago#24
I have considered re-buying FFV, since the PS1 copy does not work correctly on the PS3 - freezes often. But I do still have a PS2, so couldn't justify the expense.
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User Info: necrin_ezekiel

5 years ago#25
thisranks posted...
It's known that some of the PS1 titles still don't run correctly on the PS3. I can say for sure Grandia doesn't....i did have to pull out my PS1 for that prior to the PSN release.

I have only bought a few since i still own most of the games that i would have purchased otherwise....specifically RPGs like the FF's, Xenogears, Suikoden, Chrono games, and others.

I got Alundra, Grandia, and Threads of Fate specifically for PSP use.

That's actually kinda strange because my disc version works just fine.. That's kind of unfortunate that yours doesn't, I'm sorry.
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User Info: Quasher

5 years ago#26
I hate how PS1 games on the PS3 can't be played in their original 240p resolution modes. As a result games are less responsive and have flicker/look worse in motion on SDTVs.
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User Info: servb0ts

5 years ago#27
I'm far from Lazy TC, but If I wanna play PS1 games i'll get up off my Ass and put them into my PS3 lol.
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