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Xenosaga HD Collection.

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User Info: Power Turtle

Power Turtle
5 years ago#1
0% chance of happening, huh? :(

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User Info: Irony

5 years ago#2
We can only hope.
I am Mogar, God of Irony and The Devourer of Topics.

User Info: GazelMinistry

5 years ago#3
I am sincerely hoping for it, but I am not expecting it to happen.
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User Info: Boneca91

5 years ago#4
I never finished the first game but I did see a lot of hate for the second one.

What was the deal with that? The changed character models?

User Info: wstfld

5 years ago#5
What's Xenosaga?
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User Info: Irony

5 years ago#6
A movie
I am Mogar, God of Irony and The Devourer of Topics.

User Info: DeuxHero

5 years ago#7
Not on the PS3 given Nintendo owns Monolith.
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User Info: Vivi0198

5 years ago#8
mogar002 posted...
A movie

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User Info: MyWifeBeatsMe

5 years ago#9
misleading title is misleading

User Info: GojiraBiruubato

5 years ago#10
1 and 3 were awseome!!!!

way better than xenogears!!!
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