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Quality games are dead.

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User Info: SpiritoftheBat

5 years ago#31
There are alot of quality games

Batman AA/AC (I don't think anyone has ever argued these aren't good games)
Mirror's Edge
Demon souls(Dark souls online is buggy, you get backstabed from 20 feet away when facing them)
Dragon Age: Origins
God of War
Pixeljunk everything
Alice: Madness Returns

Tons of quality games.

User Info: secondhand1

5 years ago#32
Battleship Gray posted...
Nah it's quality gamers that's dwindling.
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User Info: AncestralZero

5 years ago#33
OnslaughtX posted...

I hear ya. Some teams do it well. Others not so much. But whats the answer then? How does a developer get someone to keep their game in a generation where people increasingly treat entertainment as having no value? Trade it in for the next thing is the mentality most have today.

True. I would like to think that most gamers would keep a game that was great for them and that was relatively bug free.
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