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Rage or borderlands

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User Info: GoGoRoBo

5 years ago#1
Which would you recommend?

I'm looking for the game that has some story to it. That's fun. Some world exploration would be fun but I would prefer a atmospheric singleplayer story. Not a fan of grinding to level up either.

I'm not expecting either game to be like fallout3 buy some advice would b appreciated.

User Info: BurgerTime79

5 years ago#2
Borderlands for the length of the game alone. Rage is a shorter game (and different in many aspects) but still a fun game.
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User Info: Varron

5 years ago#3
Haven't played Rage besides the demo, but Borderlands is pretty fun especially co-op
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User Info: Wozman23

5 years ago#4
Rage is more of a traditional shooter, focusing on single player. The environment is pretty, and the game has a few good moments, but it didn't wow me as I had hoped.

Borderlands places a large emphasis on leveling and loot. It's quite a length game. I put countless hours in multiple playthroughs with a buddy playing couch co-op. The DLC adds a large chunk of content too. I think it was the better game, but you might not like it as much.

Both have somewhat disappointing stories.
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User Info: mk_spirit

5 years ago#5
Both of them are very good open world shooters, and are a lot of fun. Borderlands would be my fav.

But neither have a very good story
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User Info: teniustheg

5 years ago#6
I was about to say Borderlands. I picked up the GOTY edition about a month ago for 29.99 at Gamesuck. I'd say I got my moneys worth. Lots of fun looting for new guns and character mods. It is a bit of a grind though. The multiplayer is still fairly active and fun, although very very buggy. And there is literally no story. I could explain it in two sentences. You will find mini stories about what some other people were doing on the planet etc, but as for story, the game is very shallow.

I've never played Rage, I'm tempted to check it out but people saying some pretty bad stuff about it.

I'd say check out Borderlands GOTY, even though its a grind and has no story, I found myself saying "damn, I can't believe I skipped over this game".
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User Info: bblbig

5 years ago#7
This makes me want to play Borderlands again.

Rage was fun for sure, but Borderlands offers alot more. Looting, questing, looting, fun gun play, looting. Rage was more a generic shooter....except for some reason headshots don't kill people haha
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User Info: BanzaiHeil

5 years ago#8
Never played Rage, and had it not been for that outstanding deal on PSN a while back I'd have never played Borderlands either. Loved it!
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User Info: WarLordz

5 years ago#9
Cant comment on Rage, i havnt played it. But just recently started playing Borderlands and that game is a lot of fun.

User Info: akuma634

5 years ago#10
I've played both games, more of the PC versions than on PS3. Rage is pretty good, the driving sections are a lot better than I was expecting, I thought those were going to suck. With Rage it's a good game but for some reason it just doesn't have that "it" factor and it easily got lost in the shuffle of high profile FPS games. It is a straight up FPS with no RPG elements unless you count an inventory and currency an RPG exclusive. The driving works well enough and there is some fun arcade style racing that you need to do to progress in the game along with car combat style races too. The shooting itself is good, aim down the sights and try to pull that head shot. The enemy types do have different behaviors and come at you in different ways as intended, what is cool is that everyone reacts to getting shot which not enough games do. The gameplay is pretty much you talk to a guy, he gives you a quest, and you drive to the location and it's usually a fetch quest or just shoot every bad guy. The story itself didn't seem too interesting, I never beat the game because I lost interest. The biggest issue the game has are the graphics, they do look really pretty but the game suffers greatly from massive texture pop in, you notice it way too clearly where everything looks very low res and the high res parts are popping into place by the second. Also because it was made with the consoles in mind, the PC version also has the problem even with a patch that has the option for a large texture cache still doesn't fix their shoddy design.

Borderlands I really haven't made it that far in. I just remember renting it from GameFly and not getting into it. Later I bought it on Steam when it was on sale (I also had gotten my PC upgraded by that point) and upon giving it a fair shot, it's pretty cool. The first time I played (PS3) version I picked the really big guy so I figured on my 2nd chance go for the basic solider type character that way it should feel much more natural which it did. Right off the bat I felt right at home with the character play style. The missions are kind of lame how they use the big text boxes and you check to do the quest, it feels kind of impersonal like the NPC may as well write you an e-mail. But the gameplay itself is satisfying, there's a crap ton of guns with different stats as a Diablo inspired feature, the combat is like an FPS but the damage you deal is based on a roll like an RPG, what is cool is that it is more of an FPS so when you shoot something, you hit them it's not like you get a bad roll and a dead on shot misses, and of course you do get critical hits. I haven't tried the multiplayer but I am enjoying the single player mode. Despite there not being much in the way of story, it still retains a certain charm and I think the Diablo transpiration really helps keep you interested which is probably why Rage was more forgettable.
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