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To anyone interested in trophies, post your rarest trophy

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User Info: Ursavus

5 years ago#71
Elite Commando
Bionic Commando Rearmed
Ultra Rare: 1.30%

Seriously? Well ok.

Favourite one is still
WipEout HD
Ultra Rare: 1.67%

User Info: Wozman23

5 years ago#72
Drum Trainer Graduate
Rock Band 3
Ultra Rare: 1.13%
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User Info: ff7fan321v2

5 years ago#73
My rarest is from Sports Champions
Living Legend (Platinum)

at an awesome Ultra Rare: 0.97%

PSN - ff7fan321

User Info: rodwipeisdead

5 years ago#74
Mine's "Survivor" for beating Amy on hard. That's kind of disappointing. I prefer my second rarest, which is the Yakuza: Dead Souls platinum.
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User Info: scaryice

5 years ago#75
2.11% - Grace Under Fire (Twisted Metal)
2.79% - Calypso (Twisted Metal)
4.29% - Twisted Gold (Twisted Metal)
4.49% - Mr. Perfect (Mega Man 10)
4.51% - Truly Twisted (Twisted Metal)

User Info: scaryice

5 years ago#76
thisranks posted...
According to that site my rarest trophy is Uncharted 2's "You can't break me". I thought crushing in all three Uncharted games weren't all that bad, and as many people that played the game i expected that trophy to be earned by many more people than that.

It's a dlc trophy.

User Info: JonnyZ

5 years ago#77
My rarest is "Unanimously Elected" from Disgaea 4. It's the platinum, and it's at 2.00%, ultra-rare.
My next rarest is "Items Roadshow" from Disgaea 4 also. Rewarded for collecting at least 1 of every item in the game. It's at 2.04%, ultra-rare.
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User Info: KadiroKapira

5 years ago#78
Elite Campaign Legend
WipEout HD
Ultra Rare: 2.21% (10 months ago)

Da Bomb
WipEout HD
Ultra Rare: 2.35% (5 months ago)

Arcade Perfect
WipEout HD
Ultra Rare: 2.70% (9 months ago)

The Pure Four
WipEout HD
Ultra Rare: 3.18% (11 months ago)

Zone Battle Legend
WipEout HD
Ultra Rare: 3.61% (11 months ago)

After looking back through my list of trophies, I found it weird (and amusing) that only one trophy was earned on my birthday.
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PSN: Kadiro_Kapira

User Info: Alltra

5 years ago#79
My rarest trophy according to PSN Profiles is the "You Run, I'll Shoot" Trophy from UC2, at 2.15%.

My rarest Single Player Trophy, which as far as I'm concerned is a hell of a lot more impressive than any MP Trophy because nobody bothers to earn online trophies so they're all rare, is the Mr. Perfect trophy in Mega Man 10 at 4.49%.

I'm also really proud of the Shadow of the Colossus Platinum Trophy I earned, because that game is actually very hard to earn the Platinum for, and the rarity shows it at 4.87%.
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User Info: Shlarzak

5 years ago#80
I am stunned that more people platted the JP version of Hokuto Musou than the US version of DW: Strikeforce, Nier, and Mercenaries 2 combined.
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