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FFXIII-3 incoming

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User Info: PrinceOfFallout

5 years ago#61
Chaingunmaster posted...
akxsion posted...
From: Chaingunmaster | #056
kilaude posted...
This is like, the worst news I could get today.

If that's true you must live a charmed life.

he said worst news today, not worst news of the month or year or whatever. and yes, this is at least the worst news of today. seriously, what the f happened to this once great epic series?

The worst news he could get today? Yeah, no. The worst thing you could hear today will never be related to videogames.

yes it could
"This is good... isn't it?" - Big Boss

User Info: Bass_and_treble

5 years ago#62
Dear haters,
Please shut up, we know you hate it so you don't have to ruin it for everybody who likes it. If you don't like the game so much, then stop wasting your time on it and just play the Final Fantasy games that you want to play. Yeesh, is it that hard NOT to rage about something? :P
Someone who's anticipating FFXIII-3
(message deleted)

User Info: Aisien

5 years ago#64
XIII-2's ending did leave plenty of questions not answered. However I didn't purchase any DLC, so I don't know if they added any stuff to original ending. I just hope XIII-3 finally wraps things up.

User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
5 years ago#65
that's awesome and all but were ************ is versus
With each passing day, the world finds new and exciting
ways to kill a man-Balthier FFXII

User Info: themegaman7

5 years ago#66
No way! I can't believe this!
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User Info: kinglink13

5 years ago#67
I kind of feel that they are doing this so everybody would forget about Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft = Epic

User Info: gage10

5 years ago#68
Great Way to Waste Money

User Info: almasbaby

5 years ago#69
It makes a grown man weep.

User Info: songoku0206

5 years ago#70
SubSeenix posted...
Can'T wait to see how much the 360 version bombs this time

13-2 only had 250k-300k worldwide while the PS3 Version still had 2 Million sold units.
With 13-2 probably only 200k units on the 360 worldwide haha

Hope this is still worth it for you SquareEnix haha

you know they most likely made profits from it so 250k-300k isn't bad at all
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