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PS3 Slim cracks disks?

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User Info: ohmyupoorchild

5 years ago#1
I took a brand new game to a friend's house and his PS3 slim cracked the middle of the disk, around the edge where the hole is. Is this a normal issue with the slims, because I know I'm eventually going to have to get one when my fat PS3 dies. His slim PS3 is an older model I think (not sure if that matters.)

The weird thing is, I think his laser is dying, because it wouldn't read the disk for a long time, about twenty minutes or so. He said it takes forever to load up games all the time. I'm thinking that's when it was cracking the disk, not too sure though. He wants to borrow games from me all the time, but I'm very reluctant to let him due to this issue. I also haven't tried putting this disk in my PS3 for fear of it making it worse or not being able to get the disk out of the system.

Enlighten me with information on this subject, please.
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User Info: ozran

5 years ago#2
No that is not common at all with slims, he probably messed up his somehow. I have had a slim twice and not had a single problem

with my current one I am not having any issues at all. the fact that your friends is cracking discs means he should get it fixed. the fact that he has not had it fixed makes it seem like he does not care
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User Info: Wiiplayer111

5 years ago#3
I have never heard of slims doing the things you describe.
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User Info: crazyman32

5 years ago#4
I have a Slim PS3 never had any problems with scratching or cracking disks there is something very wrong with your friends PS3 he needs to get it fixed badly.
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User Info: tripZ504

5 years ago#5
deff not common, i had a dvd do that but it was the case that chipped it, worst case the ps3 wont read it. the dvd will only work in a player with a tray now

User Info: ohmyupoorchild

5 years ago#6
Well, he mostly uses it to watch Netflix and to use his external HDD to watch movies and television programs he rips from DVD's or where ever. He has Uncharted 3 in his system at all times and it's the only game he plays, he plays online.

We looked at his copy of Uncharted and it seemed fine, but I know this disc was in pristine condition, as I had just opened it and put it in his system as soon as I arrived to his home. I'm sure there is something just wrong with his system, because I've played well over fifty games since I've had my second fat PS3 and I've never had any issue like this with any of my games.
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User Info: killak

5 years ago#7
Disc might've gotten hot in the system, and he may have been a bit rough when snapping it back into the case (or you may have)

I've had it happen to games in the past, and it's not so much a system doing it, but rather small cracks which can happen easily + centrifugal force = small crack gets bigger.

it's probably a crack that has been there for a while, and that one play was the straw that broke the horses back.

User Info: blackwaltz3

5 years ago#8
I have never had that happen with my Slim console
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User Info: doraemonllh1989

5 years ago#9
ps3 slim owner here,no never happened to me,and i check my disc everytime i took it out
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User Info: craelon

5 years ago#10
Wow, I've never even heard of anything cracking a PS3 disc short of someone attempting to break it themselves. They're very durable and cracking them would take a constant, powerful pressure on them. Blu-ray discs are made with more support than standard HD discs so anything that would make them crack simply by use is something that is severely messed up. This is definitely not common in any Blu-ray player, let alone a PS3.
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