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Dragon's Dogma vs Kingdoms of Amalur?

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User Info: 5ivese7en

5 years ago#1
I'm debating which one to get at the moment. My main question is actually, how difficult is Dragon's Dogma really?

I've played through both Demon's Souls and Dark Souls (with the help of guides), and I'm currently playing through Ninja Gaiden Sigma. If Dogma is, in fact, really tough, I'm not sure if I can muster through another tough/unforgiving game.

It seems like most people prefer Dogma, but is it really that much better?

User Info: Evil_Gogeta

5 years ago#2
It`s not even close to being Demons nor Dark Souls tough. If you always wander into the darkness then yeah the difficulty will go up but it`s not over the top difficult imo.
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User Info: Astroshak

5 years ago#3
KoA is a *very* easy game. Large game world, bunch of quests to do, though the variety of quests is lacking.

DD starts out somewhat difficult, but then (like any other RPG) after your party gets a few levels under its collective belt, becomes super-easy. Tiny game world, if you try to compare scale it is larger but only feels little bigger than Hydlide.

DD is the more fun game, IMO, though both are decent enough to warrant at least one play-through. Whether you do more, obviously, is up to you.

User Info: Dark_Spiret

5 years ago#4
no, dogma is nowhere near souls' difficulty, but it can also vary depending on how many pawns you take with you. Amalur even on hard can be insultingly easy for 90% of it.

Both games do not have great stories or particularly interesting objectives however DD does have a much better combat system with more options and flexibility along with a better sense of exploration. For those reasons id put it over amalur.
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User Info: Evel138

5 years ago#5
I think DD had an interesting story/premise tbqh, though it doesn't become clear until the very end. The games is "tough" to start off with, but not as "unforgiving" as the souls games.....which the penalty for death is the only thing that makes Souls difficult IMHO (once you learn the enemy placement/patterns in those games, I'd wager the average gamer could beat the game in his sleep).

Enemies do not scale, even in NG+, so a couple of runs through and you'll be wrecking house.

I have both games and while I enjoyed KoA, I'd place DD above it in every category, hands down.
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User Info: Xechs

5 years ago#6
I found DD to be a lot more fun, by leagues. Kingdoms to me started off alright but then it got boring, it just didn't do anything particularly well by the time I hit the 8 hours mark I was ready to give up because it was very dull and medicore experience. Defintely had some good idea (too bad that'll never happen since company went bankrupt). DD to me had better story and sense of exploration. It did a great job of just dropping you in and you go kill things so if you like the action in action RPG this a treat. Although I found that armor didn't really matter and stats can easily be ignored if you have the right weapon. I guess it's fun because then people can make their pawns look cool to be shopped out. Although late game everyone has the same armor to show off their spoils from the final dungeon. So it really focuses on action.

The problem with DD is it's an open world game and in the beginning they try to keep you in certain area to learn tutorial so enemies seem really tough. But being openworld and enemies don't scale, as soon as you level up enough where things don't one shot you, you can easily whittle down creatures. Also certain classes can easily kill certain things in a move or 2 by playing to monster weakness. Just do the sidequest and story quest until it takes you to the main hub city. I find by the time you hit level 25-30 you can easily go anywhere on the map. 42-47 is already enough to beat the games first part.

In the Epilogue they only made enemies from your home town to hub town a bit more difficult and replaced key "boss" monsters with tougher ones but everything else on map is the same. Buy the time you hit 60-70 level you already can own all the monsters and even the final dungeon pretty easily. Seeing as there is 200 levels if you are past 100 it's practically overkill. The only reason to go higher is that there is an online only monster in final dungeon that has rare drops and it's health is communality, ie lots of people fight it and whittle down it's health. You have 8 minutes to do as much damage before it runs away, and some people have a chance to kill it with your help. SO stronger you are the more chance you have at killing it before it runs away or killed by someone else and wait for respawn. It used to be really easy but now they changed it a bit and I hear lots of people complaining that chance for killing it is lower, but I was already done the game by then and killed it plenty of times, so I'll leave people to discuss that when you play the game and get to that point.

Also NG+ is good you can fly by the main game soo fast now as you can easily buy crystals that let you set a fast travel point. You only get 1 crystal in normal game. So why play NG+ if enemies are a joke, it's to do story quest differently or character quests, a lot of character quest are missable if you don't talk to them at a certain time or location or did a previous quest in time. Also doesn't help that by doing all quest you can change peoples affinity for you so if you have certain love interest it's best you leave their missions till last as the game will favor it more. Also since there is only one save slot then playing NG+ is really only way to see the outcomes without playing 40-80 hours again. Ranka-Macross Frontier

User Info: Drakengard002

5 years ago#7
I wouldn't even bother with Kingdom's of Amalur.

If you're going to play an RPG right now, get DD if only because Capcom will be making more of them. And it really is tremendously fun to play. Loved the combat. The game takes a lot of ideas from other games and just threw them all into a pot. Most of them work really well and some don't, but also don't harm the experience much either.

If I hadn't just built a gaming PC and started on my massive Steam backlog, I'd still be playing it without hesitation. Still dumped 40-50 hours into it without much effort.
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User Info: CBrate

5 years ago#8
Don't even think of KoA.
Yes Dragon's Dogma is a Capcom game which is a good thing as boss battles are epic. In most other RPGs where you're fighting monstrous creatures, you'll be chopping away at it's ankles until the cutscene at the end shows you beheading the thing. DD lets you to grab onto areas of the beasty, like the front, and hack away at it's neck.
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