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PS3 blinking red light-any help please?

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User Info: chriswhv6

5 years ago#1
Hi all.
(sorry if this is posted in the wrong area)

Sadly it seems my first PS3 I bought (40GB Fat model) has died on me.

I came home last night to find the red standby light blinking on and off.

I shut off the mains power and turned it back on and tried turning the console on but I only starts up for about 3 seconds then beeps and shuts down again with the blinking red light.

Really upset now :(

But I do understand it went for just over 5 years of use so I accept it's time came...the only thing I'm worried about now is how can I get any of my data off from that PS3 if I did buy a new one to replace it?

I had installed a 320GB hdd in it.. from what I remember..I can't just swap that hard drive into the new PS3 can I??? I think it will format it right???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

User Info: Wozman23

5 years ago#2
The only way to get all your data is by getting that console working again, either through your own means or a third party.

Putting your HD in another console will reformat it. If you have a backup, restoring it to another console will only copy non-copy-protected saves. Sending it to Sony results in you getting a completely different system.

If your data means that much to you, you may want to see if GopherMods can fix it, then buy a slim and use the Data Transfer Utility to move all of your data over.
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User Info: chriswhv6

5 years ago#3
thank you for the reply.

I guess somehow ill need to find a way to get it turned back on then to transfer the data if i can..

Can i use any ethernet cable to do the transfer from PS3-PS3?

User Info: Astroshak

5 years ago#4
That is how you do the system transfer procedure, actually .. both PS3's need to have the most up-to-date version of the OS, and then just follow the instructions in the new PS3 you need to buy.

Just be sure that you do the transfer sooner rather than later, after getting your PS3 working again. The dreaded YLoD is not something that suffers anything more than a minor setback when it comes to taking PS3's down. It WILL come back to your fat PS3.

User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

5 years ago#5
My 80GB Motorstorm PS3 got the YLOD while playing the glitchbombed Starhawk and the game is stuck inside of the system.

I didn't want to bother paying to get it fixed and then having to transfer everything so I just swapped it for a 160GB slim through Sony.

I am not happy that they only give you a recertified system that could be scratched or ding'ed up. This whole event has been very stressful and depressing.

I could have gotten it exchanged for another 80GB but I figured why bother if I was going to lose all of my data anyway, and this way I would get a bigger hard drive. It's like all fat models are doomed to fail and that is just effed up.

Sony systems always seem to fail over time. I had to replace my original PS1 which died after only a year or two, and even my PS2 started acting strangely.

I was not happy when my system died after 5 years of having it work great. Sony customer service is AWFUL. Everyone has an attitude and wants to act like you should just hand them money and deal with their faulty equipment.

Even the recertified slims only have a 90 day warranty, and you know things always end up going wrong as soon as that warranty is up.

User Info: gorath44000

5 years ago#6
I've abandoned Sony for now and sold all of my PS3 games once they told me they couldn't get my data off my PS3 harddrive. $175 for a refurb with 3 months warranty and you can't even transfer the data for me? No thanks.

Might pick up another of the new redesign rumours are true, depending on what they cut.

User Info: chriswhv6

5 years ago#7
Yes i know ...i agree its pretty silly we cant just swap out our old hard drives and place it into a newer console and get back to gaming..I wish they made it like that.
And its not worth to pay $175 to get a refurb when $229 u can buy now a brad new one.

On the weekend i actually sat down and pulled apart my PS3 and cleaned and reapplied the thermal paste on both the CPU & GPU...then put it back together to find when i turned it on it was doing the exact same thing still :(
I even found my old 40GB hard (thinking it was a HDD fault) put that one back in..but still no luck same thing..

Im guessing now maybe its the internal power supply gone wrong or something???

User Info: TRIAZlC

5 years ago#8
That's Yellow Light of Death/Doom... I had that. You're f***cked.

Unless you feel like somehow fixing it yourself or giving it to someone else to fix, your only option is to send it to Sony for refurbishment or to buy a new one. You will lose your data if you send it to Sony. - my band, check us out. (I play drums, synth and backing vox).
PSN= Triazic

User Info: chriswhv6

5 years ago#9
its not blinking all the time yellow...just from a brief second as it powers down and then changes and stays blinking red..

I did the fan test..that works ok..
but yeh refuses to stay on for more than 3 seconds teh console if u try to turn it on..

Exactly what is the cause of this problem??
Just to much useage??

User Info: gorath44000

5 years ago#10
I just did the hair dryer trick (15 minutes heating, 20 minutes cooling into the back vents). Booted right up, I backed up all of my save data and even started playing some Valkyria Chronicles. It's not necessarily a permanent fix, but it saved me from having to repeat countless hours in games when I do get around to buying a replacement.
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