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Anyone else fusterated by PS+ of late?

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User Info: Spirituous

5 years ago#81
Eoin posted...
Spirituous posted...
Clearly you enjoy just making crap up, and refuse to read what I ACTUALLY wrote.

I'm not responding to nonsense insults. Make your point like an intelligent human being please.

I never insulted you, and did make my point intelligently. The only one throwing insults around & making crap up is you.

Also I'll add this:

User Info: antoinejones

5 years ago#82
SonicMonkeys posted...
I've beat every level/trophy in Pacman Championship DX, and I must say it's incredibly repetitive and easy compared to the original PacMans and even 3D PacMan.

There are something like 9 different worlds and only 2 of them are significantly different enough to warrant their unique designation, Championship II (the only actual fun levels imo) and Darkness. Though even Darkness isn't a worthy challenge somehow even though almost the entire level is in complete darkness. That's how damn easy the game is. They give you tons of lives and bombs and bullet time slowdowns so any time you are about to get eaten by a ghost, you simply escape.

As a huge PacMan fan I am very let down by the game. Reviewers must have been scared of offending hardcore retro gamers or something, that or they didn't play it long enough (more likely after reading the reviews). It's fun for about the first hour or so but then you realize the game doesn't go anywhere new, ever. And eating a huge row of ghosts chasing you is only exhilirating the first few times you do it.

However I think Gotham City Impostors is very fun and unique, so July was a decent month for me.

unique? so Cod + Batman skin and weaponry = unique?
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User Info: Ryumoau23

5 years ago#83
antoinejones posted...
Ryumoau23 posted...
i loved most of the 12 games they gave us free, though i'm disappointed that a free slot is being wasted on Walking Dead. i could care less about a point and click game, especially after how terribly boring Jurassic Park was.
I hope the other 3 games being released this month are much better.

umm but didnt you play heavy rain? ;p

yes, when i first got my ps3 years ago. And even then i only rented it. Not in the mood for those type of games now.
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User Info: RKO_ON_RAW

5 years ago#84
Eoin posted...
RKO_ON_RAW posted...
The first sentence in the TC's post says, "Ever since Sony dropped those 12 games on PS+ as your "instant game collection", the releases, discounts, etc have been really lackluster".

You are asking compared to what? ^There's your the first sentence of the first post...

Except that that's not a fair comparison point. That was the point that Plus revamped. They made it perfectly clear that they were switching to a longer rotation system which would mean that more games were available at once, hence the 12 games appearing at once. It is simply not valid to say "oh, Sony really scaled back Plus, we only got 4 games last month compared to 12 in June", because June was not a normal month. It's like comparing every week's new games to launch day and saying "Wow, Sony really scaled back support for the PS3, remember at launch there were 3 or 4 first party games and this week there aren't any".

No no, you misunderstood what I was saying. I fully knew when I signed up for ps+ that I wouldn't be getting 12 games every month, that's just absurd and even if we did, I wouldn't be able to download all 12 without going over my download limit cap.

What I meant was that the TC is saying the games we got in July compared to the games we got in June were trash. Seeing as how there were more games released in June I suppose you could argue that a greater variety was given out in June hence why it appears to be a better value than the games released in July.

I imagine though that I will be disappointed by August's releases too. I guess we'll see what games they come up with tomorrow.

My take on it is that I fell for their sales tactic in which they released good games for the first month and then will continue to release mediocre games until around march next year. Then they'll roll out some good games in time for people to renew their subs and the crappy games will once again be rolled out till the next year.

I won't be falling for it twice if that ends up being the case.
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User Info: rofflchopper

5 years ago#85
From: Spirituous | #001
Ever since Sony dropped those 12 games on PS+ as your "instant game collection", the releases, discounts, etc have been really lackluster. Anyone else notice this?

It seems Sony is really reigning in on PS+. Maybe it cost them to much money & they scaled it back? What do you all think of this?

Just like I said after E3, did people really expect the sales to continue to be that good? It was a business move. They did it to get peopl eto sign up.
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User Info: LeadPipeCinche

5 years ago#86
_Sabertooth_1 posted...
LeadPipeCinche posted...
Spirituous posted...
Ever since Sony dropped those 12 games on PS+ as your "instant game collection?

I guess complaining about a poor service makes one a spoiled brat. Nobody was expecting them to give brand new games, don't make up false stuff please.

It's not so wrong to expect them to give a game like say the saboteur as a "free" game instead of hot shots golf.

yeah it does.
sure as hell seems like it because they arent giving brand new released games every month. .

HSG and T&F were freebies for the month on top of the 3 other free games they gave earlier in the month.
they do that with plus sometimes by giving free ps1 classics.

so ***** some more you spoiled brat because they arent giving away exactly what you want every week. sorry if they arent giving demon souls 2, FF13-2 or whatever the hell esle came out in the last month.
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User Info: rodwipeisdead

5 years ago#87
Is this topic a joke? In the last 2 weeks I got Deus Ex, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Darksiders, Dead Space 2, Saints Row 2 and a bunch of PSN games. And there's a few others I didn't get because I already finished them.
If anything I'd say it would be daft "not" to get PS+
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User Info: Spirituous

5 years ago#88
1. NOBODY in this entire thread is asking for retail $60.00 games for being a PS+ subscriber. The people who are saying this, need to stop making crap up.

2. NOBODY in this topic is saying the service is horrible. People are merely saying that there is NO consistency in what is released month to month. It's all over the place. One month could have great releases and discounts, the next you'll get one avatar and a psone game.

3. Sony deliberately baited people into signing up for PS+ with that 12 games "Instant Game Collection" stunt, and it was extremely dishonest of them to do so. They promoted it as if they where going to be adding quality titles like those once a month to expand your library, which is simply not true. That's called false advertising.

4. If your paying for a service you expect a certain level of quality from that service.
In it's current form, this is what PS+ subscribers are getting:

A. Great games/discounts are offered very infrequently.
B. A majority amount of the time substandard items are offered. Avatars, one PSone game.
C. Sony removed things from the subscription service and did not even tell customers it was doing so, nor had anyone sign a new EULA (Electronic User Licensee Agreement) that stated it was removing such things. (Mini's Qore etc)

Sony has flip flopped with this service repeatedly, and there's no reason for them to do so. If they want to grow the subscription base for this service, they need to stop doing these bait and switch PR moves, and actually start to improve their service.

User Info: dankanefan

5 years ago#89
Nope. It's been the same as always. The 12 games was a big bonus, now it's back to how it was before.

User Info: dankanefan

5 years ago#90
keybladeXIII posted...
It is given on the basis of 3 free games per month minimum. You were asking for a guarantee that was already there. Some months there might be more than this, but that's not something to complain about.

I wasn't just talking about free games, just used it as an example. It's also discounts, themes, betas, etc. I would just prefer if we knew what was coming out beforehand and not have periods like this where it's "Hey here's 12 free games", and then just have a drought or less games (that's 75% of a drop in games) after that.

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They announce everything weeks ahead of time on the PS blog.
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