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A Gay Gamer Convention is NOT Necessary (Gaymercon 2013)

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  3. A Gay Gamer Convention is NOT Necessary (Gaymercon 2013)

User Info: wiltedroses

5 years ago#31
MarioParty2 posted...


Not necessary? When you think about it, conventions aren't necessary at all. They're a luxury we enjoy to have fun and surround ourselves with people we share common interests with.

The man is an ignorant c*** who doesn't know the first thing about what he's detracting from.

He keeps saying "what does your sexuality have to do with anything?" First of all, a person's sexuality really shapes them into who they become. It doesn't define them but it's a factor in how they develop as a person.

Sexuality has a huge place in gaming. No idea where he comes off in saying it doesn't matter. Ever wonder why every game ever has women wearing hardly any clothes with large chests that somehow defy the laws of gravity? Ever wonder why there are so many ass-shots in in-game cutscenes? Sex sells, and it applies for videogames as well. I know we've all seen discussions on the internet about who's the hottest woman from a game. Cosplay happens all the time, especially at gaming's biggest convention, E3. It's full of sexy cosplayer and booth babes. Why? Because most gamers are straight males. They're catering mostly to the interests of straight males, which isn't a problem .There really isn't anything wrong with that.

But it's not even about that. It's about COMMUNITY.

GAMING itself is a community of people who share similar interests, but that doesn't mean there aren't any sub-communities in gaming. Everyone knows there is. The fighting game community. Gamer guilds. E-Sports. While we all enjoy gaming and we all have that in common, we each have different preferences when it comes to what we play. It's not a "one-size fits all" deal.

LGBT is a community of people with similar traits and interests, and it's not just things related to sexuality. It's about feeling comfortable and welcome with people who understand you. Straight people can be supporters or members of the LGBT community as well.

As much as he apparently doesn't seem to like it, straight people have their own commuinity as well with people who share similar interests with whether or not it's sexual interests being completely irrelevant. It's a sense of belonging and familiarity that's nice, and this a-hole has the right to say that people of the LGBT don't deserve that?

That being said, it's not like this would be an exclusive events. They're not going to be turning any straight people away. They're not going to ask your sexual preference at the door to determine whether you're allowed in or not. It'll be a gaming convention open to EVERYONE that just so happens to cater more towards the LGBT community just like the biggest gaming convetion in the world mostly caters to the largest demographic: straight males.

It'll be harmless. It's just a f****** convention.

User Info: MyPhantomile

5 years ago#32
Shy420 posted...
For a group of people who want to fight so hard for equality it only makes sense to separate themselves from straight gamers. That's equality for ya. huzzah. Do as I say not as I do.

This is exactly my argument.

There was a topic about this a while back on a separate forum in which I made a post about this, detailing pretty much the exact same points as written in the article. Needless to say, I was lambasted for it. I'm gay and find this utterly ludicrous. It disgusts me to think that we need to bring sexuality into a hobby which has nothing to do with it.

We, and our sexuality, need to grow up and recognise that equality means involving everybody. Why should we create our own separate convention in the aims of attracting as many lgbt people as possible? It infuriates me to think that people subscribe to this nonsense, believing they're entitled to their own event. Sexuality has nothing to do with gaming and I'd like to keep it as so.

User Info: LiquidAntagonis

5 years ago#33
Instead of creating a gaming convention that's centered around any type of sexuality - including heterosexuality -, perhaps the people who proposed this project ought to create a homosexual convention that's directed at homosexuals, and then incorporate gaming elements into it, and other generalized media from various facets of pop culture.

Kind of like an amusement park for homosexuals.

And yet, if this idea is developed to fruition, I won't mind. It's not gonna kill me.
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User Info: hedgylove

5 years ago#34
I'm a lesbian...I don't see a problem with it. It's nice meeting gay people with similar interests as me, since almost everything is catered exclusively to white heterosexuals (TV, movies, even gaming. Straight people even invade gay clubs now.).

It's not like it's publicly funded, and there's no hate involved. I think people misunderstand the tone of "gay events."
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User Info: zerooo0

5 years ago#35
0-taku posted...
wow the replies from that link are so dumb. They totally misunderstood him.

It's completely unnecessary because one it's alienating to those who aren't gay, sexual preference has nothing to do with gamers(what? are they planning to hook up after they meet up or something?). I hate how gay people who have low self esteem treat their sexual preferences like it's a nuclear bomb. it doesn't hurt anybody nor do you need to publicly announce it. We are living in an age where you can be anybody you want. Hell! the president is black, weed is being legalized in most states/turning into holidays, gay parades and etc. Great times we live in. Who ever is making this should come to terms with himself and accept with who he is and be happy. The purpose of conventions are to make people come together regardless of race or sex and enjoy the things they love(games/comics/movies). This is a bad way of doing all that. There are good conventions out there that accept anybody(E3, Tokyo Game Show, GDC, ComicCon to name a few)

Seriously? what does sexual preferences have anything to do with games and why does it matter if people know you're gay? this is utterly stupid.

Basically this. This is really getting out of hand.
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User Info: keatonisballin

5 years ago#36
Why does every minority need special treatment?

User Info: iPutinWORK

5 years ago#37
keatonisballin posted...
Why does every minority need special treatment?

Because the majority enjoyed special treatment for eons and eons
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User Info: 8f9g43k8ku7335p

5 years ago#38
Fight for equal rights, receive special privileges.

Intelligent world we live in.

User Info: mx_703

5 years ago#39
iPutinWORK posted...
keatonisballin posted...
Why does every minority need special treatment?

Because the majority enjoyed special treatment for eons and eons

But how different are we now from WAY back in the day?

We have more tolerance and acceptance than ever before.
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User Info: 2DFighter84

5 years ago#40
Lowtan_Lane posted...
Gay gamers.... Really? This is getting out of hand. Gay pride parade isn't enough? Fact gays don't need separate meet ups because they like ****. Gay schooling is next?

agreed. im all for everyone having equal rights and stuff. but the whole gay thing is getting way out of hand. its far beyond equality and more along the lines of "im gay and im gonna rub it in your face now". there's a street that has been renamed a few mile away from me... i kid you not... "Gay Pride Blvd". it used to be called Doser Blvd.
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